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Power Grid Failures: CA Wildfires Are Now A Serious Critical Catastrophic Event

The death toll continues to rise because of the California wildfires currently scorching across wine country.  With 23 dead and hundreds missing, the fires are labeled as a “serious critical catastrophic event” complete with power grid failures. The wind known as the Diablo is picking up again, the air is dry, there is no rain […]

Santa Rosa California Wildfires Force Evacuations, Kill 10 People, Destroy Homes

Photo Credit: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group Fast-moving wildfires have already killed ten people in California, destroyed numerous homes, and spurred the evacuation of about 20,000 people. Santa Rosa is burning, and the death toll is expected to rise. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said seven people had died in Santa Rosa. “That number’s going to change,” […]

Timely Massacre? ‘Aim to make Russia & China change stance on Syria’

Activists have accused Syrian security forces of killing more than 300 people in the town of Daraya, near the capital. The government says it carried out an anti-terror operation in the area. Britain responded to the alleged massacre, arguing that it highlighted the urgent need for international action against Assad. RT LIVE Subscribe to […]

‘West turned Assad into Gaddafi-like bogeyman’

The UN General Assembly has condemned the Security Council for failing to stop the violence in Syria with a majority vote. Russia has voted against the resolution, calling it imbalanced. Moscow is also urging the UN and the Arab League to move fast in finding a new chief peacemaker for Syria, as Kofi Annan’s stepping […]

‘Panetta has blood on his hands for supporting Syria rebels’

The U.S. military chief says the fighting in Syria’s largest city of Aleppo will ultimately be ‘a nail in President Assad’s coffin’. Leon Panetta is currently on a Middle East tour, promising to continue to push for Assad’s departure. RT spoke to Michel Chossudovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization. He believes there are […]

‘Nail in Assad coffin’: US predicts Aleppo massacre amid spin crossfire

The Pentagon chief has said the Syrian army’s actions in the commercial hub of Aleppo will ultimately be ‘a nail in Assad’s coffin’. Leon Panetta was speaking en route to Tunisia as he begins a tour across the Middle East and North Africa. The Syrian city has been the scene of fierce fighting for over […]

Off Target: Obama’s drones miss mark with ‘militant’ definition

US led drone strikes have killed more than 150 supposed militants in Pakistan so far this year and zero civilians – that’s from a recent New America Foundation poll. However, critics say the Obama Administration, with its defintion of ‘militant’, is blurring the line between what’s classed as a civilian and what’s a threat. RT […]

CrossTalk: War Unlimited

What are the options in Syria? Can the West try a ‘limited’ intervention there? Should it consider any kind of intervention since Kofi Annan’s plan seems to have failed? And will NATO’s footsteps cost the country even more bloodshed? CrossTalking with Mark Almond, Sinun Ulgen and Samer Araabi on May 30. CrossTalk’s Facebook page […]

CrossTalk: Still Syria?

How high are the chances that Kofi Annan’s plan will be met? Will Annan’s peace efforts lead to any diplomatic solution? If there is regime change in Syria, who will fill the power vacuum? How fragmented is the Syrian opposition, and will the death to…

Ceasefire in Syria: Assad, rebels hold fire as deadline arrives

A ceasefire has been in place in Syria for several hours already, with no reports of major violence received so far. But mutual distrust and the rebels’ refusal to guarantee the end of hostilities, means there’s no concrete guarantee either side will a…