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Inside The Most Important Building For U.S. Capital Markets, Where Trillions Trade Each Day

Ask people which is the most important structure that keeps the US capital markets humming day after day, and most will likely erroneously say the New York Stock Exchange, which however over the past decade has transformed from its historic role into nothing more than a TV studio for financial cable networks. Some might be […]

How HFT Destroys Markets: 50 Pages Of Evidence

Back in 2009, when aside from a few insiders, nobody had heard of HFT, Zero Hedge launched its crusade to expose the algorithmic scourge that has since then caused an equity, treasury and now US Dollar flash crash, and has been the subject of a Michael Lewis bestseller and resulted in countless market halts and […]

Virtu Continues Profit Streak, Still One 1 Day Of Trading Losses In Over 5 Years, IPO In 2015 According To Latest S-1 Filing

On Friday Virtu Financial Inc said the company generated $723.05M in revenues in 2014, up from $664.50 in 2013. In an updated S-1 Filing with SEC on Friday the firm also disclosed plans offer shares to the public for a second time.  Virtu intends to list its Class A shares on NASDAQ under the ticker […]

Frontrunning: February 20

Greece Should Not Give In to Germany’s Bullying (FP) Greece Can Pay Its Debts in Full, but It Won’t (WSJ) Early Friday humor: Euro Region Economy Strengthens Amid Wrangling on Greece  (BBG) Euro zone may need extra summit to clinch Greek deal (Reuters) Oil-Drop Pain Spreads to Saudi Arabia’s Energy Behemoth (WSJ) Yellen Confronts Economists’ […]

Wednesday Humor: Maxine Waters Takes On HFT Rigging And Broken Markets

Yesterday was a bad day for the HFT lobby, after not one but two incidents which exposed the high frequency parasites doing what they do best, and perhaps only: rigging markets. First, it was a Canadian HFT trader, Aleksandr Milrud who was busted for spoofing (which is “manipulative, high-speed stock trading in which a trader […]

Micro-Structure & Exchanges: A Complicated Relationship

This past Tuesday, news hit that BATS Global Markets was in the process of settling with the Securitues and Exchange Comission on the claim that Direct Edge provided unfair perks to certain high frequency traders (HFT), a development that might set a pivotal precedent in the market structure debate. News of the possible settlement was […]

Wall Street Has Always Been Corrupt Or About To Be Corrupted

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform Wall Street Has Always Been Corrupt Or About To Be Corrupted “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”? Upton Sinclair – I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked “The U.S. financial markets had […]

Direct Edge Breaks

It is oddly ironic to see BATS declare self help against EDGX (since the two are owned by the same company), and yet: here it is. Perhaps CEO William O’Brien can finally appear on twitter (breaking his self-imposed public comment exile after being caught lying on prime time TV ) and explain a la Pisani […]

BATS Admits CEO Lied About HFT On CNBC

It is now quite clear why BATS CEO Bill O'Brien was so agitated during the Tuesday's screamfest on CNBC. As The Wall Street Journal's Scott Patterson reports, under pressure from the NYAG, BATS has hurriedly issued a statement correcting the CEO's false comments during the exchange with IEX's Brad Katsuyama. After Katsuyama said "you wanna […]

Read Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt: An Adaptation

This article is adapted from the book “Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,” by Michael Lewis, published by W. W. Norton & Company. Courtesy of The New York Times Magazine. The full Michael Lewis book can be purchased on Amazon. The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street Before the collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, […]