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Oh Sheet, It’s A REIT (The Coming Crisis)

By Chris at On Wednesday, we took a gander at global real estate and today I’ve got a follow up to that dealing with REITs. My long term buddy, fellow hedgie and confidant Kuppy, who can be found lurking here, shares his thoughts on the US real estate sector and in particular REITs: Him: I think people are […]

Dispelling the “Dividend Myth” / By Rob Marstrand / August 21, 2013 There is a lot of misleading commentary and analysis claiming that most long-term stock profits come from dividends, and not capital gains. I’d like to dispel that myth once and for all. I’m not saying you shouldn’t look for a decent dividend yield from the stock market […]

Vietnamese Banks Who Paid Dividend On Stored Gold, Were Quietly Selling It To Appear Solvent / By Tyler Durden / 10/26/2012 15:39 Several months ago, we reported about a troubling development in Vietnam, happy inflationary host of one of the world’s most rapidly devaluing and best named currencies, that in direct refutation of Ben “Gold is not money, it is tradition” Bernanke’s claim that gold is just a trinket […]

Dividend Mania Meets Farrell’s Rule #7

From Gold Seek / By Rick Ackerman / Thursday, 19 April 2012 [Our friend Doug Behnfield, the savviest financial advisor we know, is skeptical about the dividend mania that has captivated Wall Street of late. In the essay below he explains why investors seduced by dividend-paying stocks may be overlooking more-than-offsetting risks and better opportunities. […]