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Dollar Mixed while Equities Recover to Start Eventful Week / by Marc Chandler / June 19, 2017 The US dollar is mixed against the major currencies, and while it is firmer against the euro and yen, it is within last week’s ranges.   The success of Macron’s new party in France, and the majority is secured, was well anticipated by investors and is having little […]

In the Run-Up to the FOMC / by Marc Chandler / June 14, 2017 The US dollar is narrowly mixed ahead of the FOMC meeting, where a dovish hike seems widely expected.  The Australian dollar is leading the dollar bloc and Scandis higher.  The Aussie had to shrug off soft consumer confidence a day before the monthly employment report and perhaps […]

Terrorist attacks see Gold Stay Firm / By janskoyles / June 5, 2017  A summer evening on London Bridge and in Borough Market ended in terror on Saturday as attackers killed seven people and injured 48. This is the second terrorist attack on British soil in less than two weeks and the the third this year. The attack was immediately labelled as […]

Gold Has Outperformed The Dow/S&P 500 Year To Date / Dave Kranzler / June 4, 2017 Although it may not “feel” like it, the price of gold has been in a nice – albeit “controlled” – uptrend since late December (1-year daily, Comex continuous futures contract): *** Gold is up over 12% since 12/22/16. By comparison, the SPX is up 7% and the Dow Jones […]

An Extreme Is Developing That Impacts The Gold Sector / May 30, 2017 A very interesting extreme is developing in the currency markets that impacts the gold sector… If you take a look at the chart below, it shows an all-time record long position by commercial hedgers in the Canadian dollar. READ MORE The post An Extreme Is Developing That Impacts The Gold Sector […]

Mixed Dollar as Market Awaits Preliminary EMU CPI and US Jobs / by Marc Chandler / May 30, 2017 With the backdrop of US interest rates unable to get much traction, despite the strong probability of another Fed rate hike in a couple of weeks, the third since last November election, the US dollar mixed today.   The chief story today, though, is not the greenback but […]

Stocks Up, Bonds Up, VIX Up, Dollar Up, Gold Up… As Crude Crashes / by Tyler Durden / May 25, 2017 Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates vying for the world’s richest man title… *** Today’s biggest story outside of AMZN $1000, was OPEC’s epic fail… OPEC announced a 9-month extension of its production cuts that have not worked. The market was disappointed…WTI saw its biggest down day since Feb […]

Stocks Jump As Dollar Dumps And Bitcoin Explodes To Record Highs / by Tyler Durden / May 22, 2017 Just because it made us laugh… *** As Bloomberg notes, the S&P 500 climbed for the third consecutive session as President Donald Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia netted deals that lifted defense shares. The euro remains firm having pared gains from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comment referring to the […]

Bitcoin Blasts Through $2,200 While Ethereum Goes Ballistic / by Jeff Berwick / May 22, 2017 I apologize that we have been covering bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies so much. But, they are all going up so insanely, it is hard to not mention them! And, after all, we are The Dollar Vigilante and we expect the US dollar to collapse… and compared to bitcoin […]

Dollar Pushes Back / by Marc Chandler / May 22, 2017 After being shellacked last week, the US dollar is trading with a firmer bias against all the major currencies, but the euro and New Zealand dollar.     To be sure, it is not that a new development has emerged to take investors’ minds from intensifying political […]