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Top Five Altcoin Cryptocurrency Picks for 2018 / By Brian Nibley / December 30th, 2017 While bitcoin dominated the headlines of 2017, many altcoins have far surpassed it in terms of gains against the US dollar.  Furthermore, fees for transactions on the bitcoin network have increased to three or four dollars’ worth of coin a piece, sometimes more.  Add to this the […]

Chopping Wood in Thin Markets / by Marc Chandler / December 28, 2017 The US dollar softened across the board in thin holiday markets.  News developments were light and the dollar’s decline did not seem to be sparked by anything particular.  Commodity prices moved higher, though oil consolidated its recent gains. News that China had ordered the closure of its […]

Russia’s Military Is Leaner, But Meaner / by Tyler Durden / Dec 26, 2017  Authore by Leonid Brershidky via, During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference on Thursday, a friendly journalist asked Putin whether the escalating tension in relations with the U.S. and the crumbling of arms control treaties would draw Russia into an unsustainable arms race. “We will ensure our security without engaging […]

Busted Billion-Dollar-Baby Fraud Finds Another Greater Fool – Softbank Lends Theranos $100 Million! / by Tyler Durden / Dec 24, 2017  Japan’s Softbank Group is coming to the rescue of yet another embattled Silicon Valley “unicorn”. The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that Fortress Capital, the publicly traded private-equity firm that agreed to sell itself to the Japanese conglomerate earlier this year, has extended a $100 million loan to Theranos, which is […]

What Happens If Crypto Profits Come Back Into Precious Metals? / by Chris Marcus / Dec 23, 2017 In a recent interview on Sprott Money News, legendary investor Eric Sprott mentioned a potential factor that could be a spark in the gold and silver markets. Specifically, he wondered what might happen if crypto profits continue to grow and some of them are recycled into the gold and […]

Petro-Yuan? Really? / by Marc Chandler / December 24, 2017 The launch of futures on Bitcoins was rushed so quickly through the regulatory channels that the anticipation was short-lived.  And as the recent price action amply demonstrates, the existence of a derivative market has not tamed the digital token’s volatility.  It is still the early days, but […]

Megan McArdle: What is bitcoin good for? / CHRIS POWELL / December 24, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: In an essay this week at Bloomberg News asking “What Is Bitcoin Good For?,” financial writer Megan McArdle argues that it is either money itself or a payments system but has big problems as both. “If bitcoin is a payments system,” McArdle writes, […]

Premium for Dollar-Funding is not Helping Greenback Very Much / by Marc Chandler / December 15, 2017 The cross-currency basis swap continues to lurch in the dollar’s direction, especially against the euro, and yet the dollar is not drawing much support from it.  The increasing cost reflects pressure for the year-end and does not appear to reflect systemic issues.  Dollar auction by the ECB […]

US Dollar Marked Higher After Senate Passes Tax Reform / by Marc Chandler / December 4, 2017 The US dollar opened higher in Asia and retained those gains through the European morning.  The greenback has recouped most of the pre-weekend losses recorded in the wake of the indictment of a fourth former Trump Administration official by the special investigation into Russia’s involvement in last […]

US Dollar Comes Back Bid, but Brexit Hopes Underpin Sterling / by Marc Chandler / November 30, 2017 The US dollar is broadly firmer.   The rise in US yields yesterday has seen the greenback extend its recovery against the yen.  It briefly pushed through JPY112.40, after dipping below JPY111.00 at the start of the week, for the first time since mid-September.  Since the end of […]