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Greenback’s Recovery is Intact / by Marc Chandler / October 21, 2017 The prospect of tax reform and a Fed hike in December, with expectations of more next year,helped lift the dollar broadly last week. Although the Japanese election and ECB meeting lie ahead, the fundamental backdrop for dollar looks constructive.  The technical condition is also favorable, especially on the weekly charts. The Dollar Index […]

NAFTA Worries Take Toll, Yellen’s Best Guess Supports Greenback / by Marc Chandler / October 17, 2017 (Greetings from San Francisco, where I will be speaking at a CFA seminar on currencies tomorrow.  The rebuilding from destruction of the of hurricanes in Texas and the Southeast  US have already begun and the distortion to US high frequency data is seen nearly every day.  Some data, like auto […]

The Death Of Petrodollars & The Coming Renaissance Of Macro Investing / by John Curran via Barrons / Oct 14, 2017 The petrodollar system is being undermined by exponential growth in technology and shifting geopolitics. What comes next is a paradigm shift… *** In the summer of 1974, Treasury Secretary William Simon traveled to Saudi Arabia and secretly struck a momentous deal with the kingdom. The U.S. agreed to purchase oil […]

Print till it Dies / by Miles Franklin, Ltd / Oct 11, 2017 The US Dollar has had a wonderful run in its life time. Not too many fiat currencies have had the ability to sustain its usage for as long as this mighty experiment has and all who have reported on this instrument of trade are pretty much […]

Dollar Pullback Extended / by Marc Chandler / October 10, 2017 The US dollar’s advance faltered before the weekend after rise average hourly earnings and a new cyclical low in unemployment and underemployment initially fueled greenback buying.  There is no doubt the data was skewed by the storms, though the upward revision to the August hourly early cannot […]

Forces of Movement / by Marc Chandler / October 8, 2017 Over the past few weeks, the markets have come to accept the likelihood of a December Fed hike. US interest rates have adjusted.  The pricing of December Fed funds futures contract is consistent with around an 80% chance of a hike. The two-year yield is trading at the […]

Greyerz – China & Russia Positioning To Collapse US Dollar As Global Financial War Heats Up / October 07, 2017 With continued uncertainty around the globe, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, told King World News that China and Russia are positioning to collapse the US dollar as global financial war heats up.  The End Of The US Dollar & Its Bankrupt […]

Dollar Upbeat to Start Fourth Quarter / by Marc Chandler / October 2, 2017 The US dollar is broadly higher as the quarter-end positioning losses seen at the end of last week area reversed.  Developments in the US are seen as dollar positive, while the Catalonia-Madrid conflict, and slightly softer EMU manufacturing PMI weighs on the euro.  The UK also reported […]

Hyperbitcoinization? Bitcoin Trades At 85% Premium In Zimbabwe – Priced At $7,200

While bond notes were put forward as a panacea to diminish the flight of wealth from Zimbabwe… (as Steve Hanke noted, it was not)… The most recent attempt by the government to increase liquidity (the money supply, measured broadly) was the introduction of bond notes in November 2016. Incidentally, in conversations I had with Dr. […]

“If This Trade Doesn’t Work, You Can Blame Me…”

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, In July I wrote a piece titled, “Is the real US Dollar Pain Trade Lower?”. At the time the US dollar was sucking wind, but many traders were still playing for a bounce. The prevailing wisdom was that the Fed’s tighter monetary policy, combined with Trump’s […]