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Nobody’s Buying Hamptons Mega-Mansions Because ‘Small Is The New Big’

Any realtor worth their salt will tell you, when it comes to the home-buying habits of wealthy hedgies and bankers, gaudy McMansions and sprawling estates are so last season. Or, as they say in Greenwich: “Small is the new big." Owners of large homes in tony Hamptons neighborhoods hoping to cash in on a frothy […]

Sellers Ask $150M For 14-Acre Beachside Plot As Hamptons Property Market Crashes

Real-estate prices in the Hamptons – the preferred North American summer retreat for wealthy finance types – have long been viewed as a barometer of the general mood on Wall Street. And with US stocks continuing their ascent to fresh record highs, despite Brainard’s admission that "asset valuations do look a bit stretched" and signs […]

More Troubling Signs For NYC Real Estate As Rent Concessions Soar

The October 2016 Douglas Elliman Real Estate Guide for Manhattan reveals some fairly startling hints about the “health” of NYC real estate.  For months we’ve been writing about the soaring capacity of luxury apartment buildings in New York City and it looks as though that capacity influx is starting to take a toll as the […]