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The Battle for the U.S. Border, Besieged by Illegal Aliens

For several months, now, there has been a steadily growing focus on the U.S.’s implementation of increased border patrols, the creation of a permanent fence or divider on the border, and the question of illegal aliens. The president has taken a firm and unyielding stance. On June 25, AP was quoted as reporting “President Donald […]

Border Patrol Agent SHOT Multiple Times Becomes His Own Medic

A United States Border Patrol agent who was shot several times Tuesday morning in southern Arizona near the Mexico border took matters into his own hands.  After being hit with several bullets and sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, the unidentified agent became his own medic. The agent, an experienced medic, is in stable condition and good […]

Trump Administration To Release Obama-Era Fast And Furious Documents

We may finally get some answers to the high-level Obama administration’s gun-running scandal dubbed “Fast and Furious.”  The Trump administration is promising to release the documents pertaining to that scandal that were withheld by former Attorney General, Eric Holder. Operation Fast and Furious was the Obama-era operation in coordination with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, […]

Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten Texas Cops: Accept Bribes or Die

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / Dean Garrison / May 24, 2014 Residents of El Paso, TX have witnessed a disturbing sight which would seem to be a direct threat to local police. Two billboards on I-10 have been defaced with a hanging effigy and the […]

HSBC profits hurt as fines charge hits $1.5bn

HSBC confirmed it had more than doubled the amount of money set aside to pay fines in the US from $700m to $1.5bn. Photo: John Taylor / By Harry Wilson / 9:17AM GMT 05 Nov 2012 Reporting a halving in third-quarter pre-tax profits to $3.5bn (£2.2bn), HSBC confirmed it had more than doubled the amount […]