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Alibaba’s Bigger Than Amazon (Again)

For the first time since June 2015, Alibaba is now bigger (in market cap) than… As Bloomberg notes, after 831 days, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has regained the title of the world’s biggest e-commerce company. The Chinese retailer surpassed Inc. Tuesday as the U.S. retail giant’s stock continued to stall after second-quarter earnings missed estimates […]

Ford Stock Slumps To Post-Election Lows After Slashing Guidance

With auto loan growth collapsing… And after admitting that "auto sales have reached a plateau,"  – Below are some of the key comments from Ford executives describing the current conditions in the auto market: "For the remainder of the year, we continue to see retail in the industry provide incentives still running at historically high […]

America’s CEOs Have Never Been More “Optimistic”

It’s not just US consumer optimism that recently hit all time highs (even if, as UMichigan explained last week, it was largely split according to party lines). According to a recent analysis by Bank of America, in the current earnings season which is gradually coming to a close, despite tepid guidance, “one read on corporate […]