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Jackson Hole Preview: Market Reactions, And Why UBS Says “Don’t Skip Lunch” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 22, 2017 8:44 PM Historically the annual Jackson Hole symposium has been a major market-moving event as it has traditionally been the venue where central banks make critical announcements such as Bernanke’s preview and hints of QE2 and QE3 in 2012, as well as Draghi’s suggestion of the ECB’s QE in […]

Eclipse Day Begins With S&P Futures Flat While Industrial Metals Soar / by Tyler Durden / Aug 21, 2017 As the US awaits its first full solar eclipse since 1918, S&P500 futures, together with Asian and European stocks started off the week off fractionally in the red after the cash index fell to its lowest level in five weeks on Friday, with the “Bannon rally” fading on […]

“From Nukes To Terrorism”: Battered Investors Flee Risk For Safety Of Bonds And Gold

The global risk-off mood accelerated overnight on Trump “stability concerns”, coupled with fallout from the Spain terrorist attack and lingering North Korea tensions, even if the VIX is off its latest highs, trading just above 15. Investors fled into German and U.S. Treasury bonds and bought gold for the third day in a row, as […]

Swiss Franc and Yen Remain Heavy as New Distractions Replace DPRK / by Marc Chandler / August 16, 2017 The Japanese yen and Swiss franc remain heavy as the markets continue to shift away from the geopolitical risks.  A return to the macroeconomic agenda is being deterred by new drama from Washington and reports suggesting that ECB’s Draghi will not be discussing the central bank’s monetary policy course at Jackson Hole […]

What’s Next For The VIX? RBC Explains

Yesterday, as the VIX was setting up for one of its biggest one day jumps in history, we reminded readers just how massive the short-vol overhang was courtesy of the following chart from JPMorgan showing that the net Vega on VIX-related ETFs was at an all time high, suggesting that the risk of a vol-buying […]

As D-Day Looms, The Maturity Of ECB’s Bund Purchases Drops Again / by Tyler Durden / Aug 7, 2017 11:13 AM With every passing month, the ECB gets closer to its (QE)D-Day: the day when it runs out of bonds to buy, which according to recent calculations could take place in just a few months unless the ECB taper its bond purchases soon. In its latest monthly purchase, […]

Morgan Stanley Asks At What Point Will EURUSD “Breathlessness Turn Into Outright Altitude Sickness” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 6, 2017 5:32 PM In Morgan Stanley’s “Sunday Start” note, the bank’s chief European economist, Elga Bartsch, looks at the recently surging EUR, where net spec positioning remains near the most bullish level in the past 6 years… … notes that according to the bank’s currency expects, the “bull case of […]

Policy From Behind / by Jeffrey P. Snider / July 31, 2017 This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Alhambra Investments. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. When the Mario Draghi as head of the ECB first introduced negative rates in early June 2014, his reasoning was very clear. As he said in the opening of his statement imposing […]

JPM: “Investors Are Starting To Hedge Against A Crash”

It’s probably not a coincidence that in the same week in which one of the most level-headed investors of all, Oaktree’s Howard Marks issued an alarm on the current state of the market, that JPM has come out with not one (as discussed previously, Marko Kolanovic’s latest “tipping point” note last Thursday was blamed for […]

QT, Sentiment, And A Bullish Development For Gold & Silver / July 26, 2017 As we near the end of July, it’s all about QT, sentiment and a bullish development for gold and silver. It’s All About QT & Sentiment July 26 (King World News) – Here is what Peter Boockvar noted as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  With plenty of hints that QT from […]