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Drivers: A Couple Things that Aren’t on Your Economic Calendar / by Marc Chandler / June 25, 2017 It is not that the economic data are not important.  They are.  Indeed, with the focus shifting toward prices from real sector performance, as the key to the reaction function of central banks, it is notable that the US, Japan, and the eurozone all report their preferred inflation […]

The Post “Rate-hike” Manipulations-Are Nearly Dead / by Andrew Hoffman / Jun 23, 2017 In 15 years of Cartel, PPT, and Fed “watching,” I’ve not seen anything like the manipulations since Election Day – which is quite amazing, considering the powers that be were clearly aligned with the status quo fronted by Hillary Clinton, and her band of criminal bankers, corporate CEOs, […]

Global Liquidity Reaching a Tipping Point

ICYMI! Global #liquidity is close to its tipping point! — jeroen blokland (@jsblokland) June 16, 2017 / FS STAFF / 06/16/2017 This week the Fed announced that they are going to begin reducing their $4.2 trillion balance sheet starting this year. Here’s what Louis-Vincent Gave at Gavekal Research said about this yesterday (see Louis-Vincent Gave on […]

Matt King Is Back With A Dire Warning: “A Significant Un-balancing Is Coming”

Earlier this week we discussed a chart from Citi’s Hanz Lorenzen, which we said may be the “scariest chart for central banks” and showed the projected collapse in central bank “impulse” in the coming years as a result of balance sheet contraction, and which – if history is any indication – would drag down not […]

Euro Spikes As Headline-Reading Algos Go Wild Ahead Of ECB / by Tyler Durden / Jun 7, 2017 9:59 AM Well that didn’t last long. Just a few short hours after EURUSD dropped on reports that the ECB would cut its inflation outlook, headlines have hit saying the “changes are likely small” and EURUSD has spiked back towards the highes of the day… The Algos are busy […]

The ECB Has Almost Run Out Of German Bonds To Buy / by Tyler Durden / Jun 6, 2017 5:01 PM One month ago, when looking at the sudden change in ECB bond purchasing patterns, especially of German Bunds, we reported that the central bank may have as little as 4 months of space left in its PSPP program when it comes to German bond purchases. The first […]

BoJ, ECB Balance Sheets Exceed The Fed’s For First Time Ever – What Happens Next? / by Tyler Durden / Jun 2, 2017 6:35 AM For the first time in history, both the ECB and BoJ balance sheets have grown larger than the Fed’s. The BoJ’s balance sheet topped the JPY500tn (USD4.48tn) mark at the end of May, central bank data showed today. Furthermore, the latest data also shows the pace of […]

When Not to Go Short Volatility / TOM MCCLELLAN / 06/02/2017 The VIX is a supposed “volatility index”, but it does not really measure actual volatility. Instead, it measures what options traders think about volatility. All of the various investment vehicles that have popped up in recent years that are tied to the VIX have enabled traders to go long or short “volatility” […]

What Keeps Bank of America Up At Night / by Tyler Durden / May 25, 2017 11:03 AM It has been a painful, bruising intellectual exercise for BofA’s HY credit strategist Michael Contopoulos, who after starting off 2016 uber-bearish, was – together with every other money manager and advisor – taken to the woodshed, and forced to flip bullish, kicking and screaming, and advising BofA […]

S&P Futs Near All Time High On Strong Euro Data; Oil Drops On Trump’s SPR Sale Plans / by Tyler Durden / May 23, 2017  7:05 AM S&P futures rose alongside European stocks as Asian shares posted modest declines. The euro set a new six-month high and European bourses rose as PMI data from Germany and France signaled that the ECB will have to tighten soon as Europe’s recovery remains on track, with the […]