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The Truman Show Markets

Via Global Macro Monitor, We have finally made the time to more closely review the release of last week’s Fed minutes from the July 25-26 meeting.   We kind of like what we see. Debate Breaking Out Among FOMC Members? A debate appears to breaking out between members and staff of the Federal Reserve’s FOMC about […]

China’s Plunge Protection Team Holds $150 Billion In Stock, Claims “State Meddling” Stabilizes Markets

It was two years ago, in June of 2015, when just as the Shanghai Composite was flirting with 5,000 and when literally the local banana stand guy was trading stocks, that the Chinese stock bubble burst, unleashing an unprecedented selling spree, a 40% drop in just two months, and Beijing’s nationalization of the stock market, […]

BofA: The Market Is No Longer Efficient

Almost exactly 8 years ago, in April of 2009 we wrote for the first time that as a result of the confluence of unprecedented central bank intervention meant to prop up risk prices which distort markets in the long run, and the rising dominance of HFT and algo trading strategies, which distort price formation in […]

JPM: “Turning Points In Market Trends Are Occurring At The Fastest Pace In History”

Ever get the feeling that the market has become frustratingly fast in responding to new information, with violent swings in either direction coming ever faster even if ultimately the “BTFD” mentality always seems to prevail? Well, it’s a fact.  As JPM reports in a new analysis, citing quantitative and qualitative metrics, markets have become more […]

Corporate Psychopathy: An Interview With One of the Researchers of the Hare Project

Jesse’s Café Américain Psychopathic Economics 101. I had always felt that there was something not right, to a dangerous level, with one of the higher up bosses I had in a major division of a Fortune 100 company. Now there is little doubt in my mind that he was a psychopath. He had the verbal […]