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SHTFplan: Trump Offered Assange A Pardon In Exchange For His Source, Assange Declined

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. There is still some integrity in the human race.  Julian Assange was offered a pardon from President Donald Trump in exchange for giving up the source of the Democratic National Convention emails that he leaked.  Assange declined the offer refusing to throw his source under the bus. […]

SHTFplan: A Chinese Company Reportedly HACKED Hillary Clinton’s Private Server, Has A Copy Of ALL Her Emails

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. A Chinese company that claims to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server reportedly has a copy of every single email the former presidential candidate sent and received afterward. The Chinese state-owned company inserted a code that forwarded all Hillary’s emails to them, and Donald Trump is already […]

Lawyer: Monsanto Bullied Scientists And Hid Weedkiller’s Cancer Risks

A lawyer on Monday argued that Roundup creator Monsanto hid the cancer-causing effects of their weedkiller and bullied scientists into making claims it was safe. In a landmark lawsuit against the global chemical corporation, the lawyer didn’t hold back in his accusations against Monsanto. “Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully … […]

US Military Invests In ‘Doomsday Genetics’ Technology: ‘My Main Worry Is That We Do Something Irreversible’

Amid United Nations fears that genetic extinction technology could be used by militaries, a United States military agency has invested $100 million in the doomsday biological technology that can wipe out an entire species. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver Doomsday genes which can selectively target and […]

Republican Operative “Commits Suicide” After Leaving Strange Note

Another suicide in the realm of Clinton politics is finally making its way into the light.  This time, it’s a Republican operative who was said to be looking for the 30,000 missing emails from Hillary Clinton. A longtime Republican operative from Chicago’s North Shore (who was at the center of a confusing Wall Street Journal […]

Molotov Cocktail in Chief: “The Trump Years Are Going To Be Crazier Than You Think”

Think you know what the Trump years will bring? Probably none of us can guess what is really going to happen. Love or hate Trump, the chances are pretty good that the next four years will be some of the most chaotic that the United States has ever seen. The resetting of the economic landscape, […]

Justice Department Probes FBI Actions: Punishing Comey For “Disclosing Information”?

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: The saga drags on; it is still obvious that the country dodged a bullet in the openly corrupt candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Now, their remaining organs of influence are trying to get payback against those who contributed to her loss, […]

Researchers Find Proof of Hell… Facing An “Organized Evil” That Infests DC Politics

Public domain image. This article was written by Brandon Smith and published at his site. Editor’s Comment: The evil is so pervasive that it becomes a part of the system, injected into its bloodstream. There is a dark, depraved path that winds together the roads traveled upon by politicians, lobbyists and spies, with the […]

Chelsea’s $3M Wedding Paid By Foundation? Emails: Tax-Free Funds Floated a “Decade of Her Life”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: Would anything the Clinton’s allegedly did be enough to constitute a “scandal”? It is questionable whether even (rumored) video of Bill Clinton engaged in sex acts with minors would raise media eyebrows. It isn’t a question of what “is” is […]

Why Is This Not Watergate? Smoking Gun Emails Discuss “Cleaning Up” Obama/Hillary Emails

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: Of course everyone knew, deep down, that Obama was fully aware of Hillary’s private emails, but now there is proof that the campaigns sought to cover up and clean up the evidence to it. Team Hillary went so far as […]