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Stanford Says Soaring Public Pension Costs Devastating Budgets For Education And Social Services

A new study from Joe Nation of Stanford’s Institute for Economic Policy Research entitled “Pension Math: Public Pension Spending and Service Crowd Out in California, 2003-2030,” says that the devastating consequences of the ill-advised, Cadillac pensions doled out to America’s public employees over the past several decades are only getting started.  Looking back at taxpayer […]

Which College Offers The “Best Bang” For Your Tuition Buck?

Is making the investment in a college education still worth it? How much debt can you expect to have after you graduate, and how much money will you make in your career? As details, crunched the numbers from the top twenty public and top twenty private schools in the country and created a visualization […]

Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I don’t live in an echo chamber, partly because there aren’t enough people out there who think like me, but also because I constantly and intentionally attempt to challenge my worldview by reading stuff from all over the political map. I ingest as much as I can […]

“We’re All A ‘Walking Illinois’ Now”

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via, Who needs Russia when the Tweety-Bird-in-Chief is hacking his own presidency into a global joke? Or at least it might be a joke if the USA weren’t such a menace to international order, and to itself, by the way. Interestingly, the 25th amendment allows for the removal of […]

NFLX Enters ‘Correction’ As FANGs Take Out Monday Crash Lows

FANG Stocks just took out Friday/Monday's crash lows to the lowest since April 28th as NFLX leads the collapse.   The no-brainer is down 12% from its record highs last week, officially entering correction… FANGs are down 8% from their highs… This is the biggest drop since the election.

VIX ‘Risk’ Hits Record High As Traders Bet On Chaos To Come

While VIX closed at its lowest level since 1993 on Friday, VVIX (which tracks the anticipated volatitilty of VIX) completed a fourth week of gains in five, reaching a record high relative to the measure of equity turbulence.   As Bloomberg notes, with the VIX down more than 30% this year through the end of […]

“You Are Here”

In case you wondered… You Are Here… Valuation?   And here… Sentiment?   And here… Cognitive Dissonance?   And finally… no it's not a 'new economy' or 'different this time'…