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Email From Pat Higgins On the Dynamic Factor Volatility of GDPNow / by Mike Mish Shedlock / November 6, 2017 Following the ISM manufacturing report, the GDPNow model upped its 4th quarter GDP forecast from 2.9% to 4.5%. On Friday, GDPNow revised its forecast to 3.3%. An Email from Pat Higgins, creator of GDPNow explains what happened. *** On Friday, I emailed Pat Higgins a couple […]

The Week of Digestion / by Marc Chandler / November 5, 2017 The week ahead does not have nearly the event risk of last week.  It is difficult to compete with a BOE rate hike that spurred the largest sterling decline in five months, the nomination of a new Fed chair, and the unveiling of the initial tax reform […]

October Payrolls, Average Hourly Earnings Miss Big Despite Strong Upward Revisions

Well, with virtually everyone expecting a 300K+ payrolls number after last month’s negative hurricane-distorted print, and with whispers of a 400K print floating around, it only made sense that not only would payrolls disppoint, printing at 261K, one standard deviation below the 310K consensus estimate (and that even with a whopping 89,000 waiters and bartenders […]

UK Retail Employment Plunges Most Since 2008 As Retail Sales Crash / by Tyler Durden / Oct 27, 2017 2:45 AM Yesterday we noted the surge in cable following the stronger-than-expected Q3 GDP print of 0.4% Q/Q, above the 0.3% estimate.Afterwards, the market was calculating an 87% chance that the BoE would hike next week. Brown Brothers commented that: The case against a hike is that inflation appears poised to […]

Staggering Chart Shows Your Personal Share Of Your State’s Underfunded Pension / by Tyler Durden / Oct 18, 2017 Back in March we shared the staggering results of a Bankrate survey which found that the average American household couldn’t afford to write a measly $500 check in the event of an unexpected emergency (see: “The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”).  Of […]

September “Hurricane” Payrolls Tumble 33,000, First Drop In Seven Years, As Wages Surge Due To Labor Shortages

As noted earlier, Wall Street was completely clueless ahead of today’s payroll, with most expecting a small positive print but two brave forecasters went so far as to predict that the recent hurricanes would result in a negative print, and sure enough, moments ago the BLS reported that in September, the US economy lost 33,000 […]

Multiple Jobholders Are Not a Weak Spot in the Employment Report / TIM DUY PHD / 08/09/2017 Along with every decent employment report comes the efforts to debunk that report. I see that an article from Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa at Business Insider is making the rounds tonight. In it, Da Costa directs us to this in particular from Komal Sri-Kumar: The plight of low-income workers is underlined by yet another […]

Not All Capital Is Equal; Some Is Destructive / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / SUNDAY, AUGUST 06, 2017 Financialization incentivizes hot money capital flooding into speculative credit-asset bubbles. When we speak of capital investments and capital flows, it’s presumed all the capital being referenced is equal: a dollar is a dollar, wherever and whenever it’s put to use. But not all capital is equal, and that is one reason […]

In Fiscal Dire Straits, Connecticut Showers State Disability Workers With Overtime Pay

Judging by muni spreads, Illinois is widely considered the most financially troubled state in the country. However, preppy Connecticut, which has the highest per-capita income in the country and whose capital Hartford has been on the verge of bankruptcy for months, isn’t far behind. As lame-duck Democratic Gov. Daniel Malloy battles with the legislature – […]

Foreign Investment Is Not a Problem for the Domestic Economy / Mateusz Machaj / July 28, 2017 In the recent months political atmosphere in Poland has become more nationalist, which is reflected in a growing anti-foreign attitude toward capital flows. The general argument used relate to the apparently negative aspect of interest payments and dividends on invested capital being transferred to foreign owners. “What a waste”, the crying […]