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Multiple Jobholders Are Not a Weak Spot in the Employment Report / TIM DUY PHD / 08/09/2017 Along with every decent employment report comes the efforts to debunk that report. I see that an article from Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa at Business Insider is making the rounds tonight. In it, Da Costa directs us to this in particular from Komal Sri-Kumar: The plight of low-income workers is underlined by yet another […]

Not All Capital Is Equal; Some Is Destructive / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / SUNDAY, AUGUST 06, 2017 Financialization incentivizes hot money capital flooding into speculative credit-asset bubbles. When we speak of capital investments and capital flows, it’s presumed all the capital being referenced is equal: a dollar is a dollar, wherever and whenever it’s put to use. But not all capital is equal, and that is one reason […]

In Fiscal Dire Straits, Connecticut Showers State Disability Workers With Overtime Pay

Judging by muni spreads, Illinois is widely considered the most financially troubled state in the country. However, preppy Connecticut, which has the highest per-capita income in the country and whose capital Hartford has been on the verge of bankruptcy for months, isn’t far behind. As lame-duck Democratic Gov. Daniel Malloy battles with the legislature – […]

Foreign Investment Is Not a Problem for the Domestic Economy / Mateusz Machaj / July 28, 2017 In the recent months political atmosphere in Poland has become more nationalist, which is reflected in a growing anti-foreign attitude toward capital flows. The general argument used relate to the apparently negative aspect of interest payments and dividends on invested capital being transferred to foreign owners. “What a waste”, the crying […]

Euro Recovers from Softer Flash PMI / by Marc Chandler / July 24, 2017 The euro made a marginal new high in early Asia, but participants rightly drew cautious ahead of the flash eurozone PMI.  The flash PMI was softer than expected, and although the composite fell to six monthly lows, it is more a reflection of how steady it has been at elevated […]

These Job Trends in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area Will Hit Real Estate, the Economy, Municipal Budgets & Hype / by Wolf Richter / Jul 22, 2017 An ugly red flag for all of California goes up. The labor force in California fell by 19,900 in June from May on a seasonally adjusted basis, the second month in a row of declines. Nonfarm employment fell by 21,300. When was the last time when the labor […]

Chicago’s Terrible New Plan To Force High School Kids Into The Military

Authored by Alice Salles via, Chicago, Illinois, has a chronic inflated state problem disguised as a schooling problem. In order to eradicate the symptom, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to attack those who suffer from it and not the actual root of the problem — adopting a classic “more of the same” approach. A […]

June Payrolls Preview: With The Fed On Autopilot, You Can Skip This One

After a poor March jobs report, followed by an April scorcher, then another debacle in May, the June payrolls report due at 8:30am will be… very much irrelevant, because as Citi pointed out earlier, the Fed is now data-independent and will keep hiking until financial conditions finally tighten (read: stocks drop). In other words, with […]

Services Surveys Indicate “Modest Pace Of Economic Growth” So Far In Q2 As New Orders Tumble / by Tyler Durden / Jun 5, 2017 Despite disappointing expectations, May Final Services PMI rose for the second month in a row with job creation and new orders accelerating, but as Markit notes, “the PMI surveys for manufacturing and services collectively indicate only a modest pace of economic growth so far in the second quarter.” […]

Realism Is The New Pessimism (Or Why 4% GDP Targets Are Ludicrous) / by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog / Jun 4, 2017 The American core population (aged 15-64) is the greatest economic consumptive force on earth.  They make up 2/3rds of the total US population and 95% of US employment.  When considering growth, particularly the all important annual growth in Gross Domestic Product, the growth of this population […]