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England Slides Closer To Communism: Malnourished Children Fill Pockets With Food

The heads of schools from various parts of England and Wales have described differences in the appearance of some of their pupils. Poverty stricken children are “grey and pale” and fill their pockets with food so they can have something to eat. And the problem is only worsening as government regulations and tax burdens continue to […]

Queen Elizabeth II Has A WW3 Speech Written And It Is Ready To Deliver

The Queen of England has a pre-written speech prepared for the outbreak of World War 3.  As tensions between Russia and the United Kingdom continue to flare, the Queen’s speech is sparking fears of a nuclear war. An Austrailian news source, News.Com.Au, reported that some people already fear a nuclear war is more likely that during the […]

British Official: Russian Spy Attack Is ‘State-Sponsored Attempted Murder’

The nerve agent attack on the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter looks like “state-sponsored attempted murder,” according to the chairman of the U.K.’s Foreign Affairs Committee.  British media claims that Moscow is behind the attempt to use a nerve agent in the United Kingdom to try to kill a former Russian spy. […]

People Are ‘Dying In Hospital Corridors’ Under Britain’s Socialized Healthcare System

There’s new outrage overseas, as people are literally dying in the corridors of hospitals because of Britain’s overrun socialized medicine scam. In case Venezuela didn’t do enough to prove that socialism is a deadly joke on humanity, Britain’s healthcare system should be the last nail in its coffin. The patients are dying in hospital corridors […]

Scarlet Fever Outbreak In England Leaves Researchers Confused: ‘We’re Concerned’

Scarlet fever cases are now at 50-year-high sparking concerns for researchers, as they are baffled as to how “Victorian-era” diseases are making a comeback. The disease has been on the rise since 2014, and researchers are failing to find the cause. Scarlet fever hit its highest level in England for 50 years, with more than […]

7/11/17: 800 years of bond markets cycles / by Constantin Gurdgiev / Tuesday, November 7, 2017 An interesting new working Paper from the BofE, titled “Eight centuries of the risk-free rate: bond market reversals from the Venetians to the ‘VaR shock’” (Bank of England, Staff Working Paper No. 686, October 2017) by Paul Schmelzing looks at new data for “the annual risk-free rate […]

‘Pretty much ever since Australia sold its gold, it’s been on the up’ / By Paul Garvey / Saturday, July 29, 2017 In a vault deep in the basement of the Reserve Bank’s Martin Place headquarters in Sydney sits a hoard of gold bars worth about $US500,000 each — all four of them. The Reserve Bank of Australia now holds almost the entirety of the nation’s gold in vaults […]

NHS Ransomware Cyber Attack Spreads Worldwide – The Telegraph / by Henry Bodkin and Barney Henderson of The Telegraph / May 12, 2017 A huge cyber attack leveraging hacking tools widely believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency brought disruption to Britain’s health system on Friday and infected dozens of other countries around the world, security researchers said. Hospitals and doctors’ […]

Mexico’s Positive Impact on the US Trade Balance / MICHAEL PETTIS / 04/03/2017 While some countries still enact mercantilist policies that directly affect the relative prices of traded goods in ways that David Ricardo would have understood two hundred years ago, in today’s global trading environment, persistent trade surpluses are usually caused by distortions in income distribution that force up savings rates. These high savings […]

If A Nuclear Bomb Destroyed Europe, Part IV / by Andrew Hoffman / Feb 6, 2017 Last week, former Goldman Sachs banker and current Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said “in many respects, we’re coming to the last seconds of central bankers’ 15 minutes of fame…which is a good thing.”  Which I couldn’t agree with more, despite said “15 minutes” lasting more than […]