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Eric Peters: “We Are Investing As If 1987 Will Happen Tomorrow, Because It Will”

Excerpted from the latest weekend notes from One River Asset Management, courtesy of CIO, Eric Peters Speculation “People are no longer investing, they’re speculating,” said the CIO. “Is that wrong?” he asked, not waiting for an answer. “Depends on what you’re speculating in.” Investors are implicitly worried about further price gains, they’re not really forecasting […]

ICOs VS. Venture Capital and Banks

Traditionally, if you have a great business idea but lack the finances to get the project started, you would pursue funding through a venture capital outlet. There are hundreds of venture capital firms that spend tens of billions of dollars helping businesses get off the ground. However, not all startups attain venture capital funding, and […]

“Overwhelming Demand” Sees Filecoin ICO Raise $250 Million Without A Viable Product

It’s official: Filecoin, a blockchain project created by Protocol Labs, has raised nearly $250 million following a private “pre-sale” and public initial-coin offering – all without having a viable product to market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the hotly anticipated ICO raised nearly $250 million after opening its offering to the public on Thursday. […]

‘Hotel California’: The VC Market’s Investment-To-Exit Ratio Is A Record High… Is This Why?

While Silicon Valley's technorati may be "living it up," new data from Pitchbok suggests the Venture Capital world is stuck in 'Hotel California' and "can never leave." As's Katie Clark reports, opting to raise more funds rather than prioritizing an exit seems to be an increasingly popular route for startups. According to data from […]

Signs That The Silicon Valley Tech Bubble Is About To Burst

18 months ago there was a seemingly limitless number of Silicon Valley future billionaires buying up multi-million dollar homes and renting out lavish pads.  But if demand for excessively priced real estate is any indication of the health of Silicon Valley’s tech industry then all the venture capitalists who have tripped over themselves to invest […]

U.S. Startups Increasingly Tapping Debt Markets As VCs Pullback From Egregious Valuations

After investing nearly $80 billion into startups in 2015, Venture Capitalists, growing slightly weary of the $1 billion valuations being handed out like candy to every 22 year old with an app that can replace your face with that of panda, have pulled back a bit in 2016 resulting in a 10% reduction in equity […]

25/5/15: Immigration and Entrepreneurship: Major Unknowns / by Constantin Gurdgiev / May 25, 2015 A recent CESIfo study looked at the role of immigrants in driving entrepreneurship. Per authors: “Immigrants are widely perceived as being highly entrepreneurial and important for economic growth and innovation. This is reflected in immigration policies and many developed countries have created special visas and entry requirements in an […]

21/2/2014: Homeownership, Negative Equity, Entrepreneurship: Data from France

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev / Friday, February 21, 2014 Over recent years I wrote extensively about the issues of negative equity and the costs of this phenomena to the society and economy at large. Much of the research in […]

Alka Dalal – Creative Entrepreneurship Your Way Out Of The Economic Downturn

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. from Financial Survival Network Alka Dalal worked for large corporations throughout her career. Then she realized that there was so much more to having a fulfilling life. That led to her starting her Live Creatively program which helps people help find their inner genius. […]

Jim Rogers Explains What All The China Bears Are Getting Wrong

Business Insider Mamta Badkar | Mar. 8, 2012 Business Insider recently spoke with investment guru Jim Rogers on a myriad of issues. Yesterday, we shared with you Roger’s thoughts on commodities and the U.S. economy. Today, we share with you his bullish perspective on China. … You’re a China bull. Could you tell me the […]