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Deutsche: “Nobody Can Understand What’s Going On With The Dollar… The Answer Is Simple”

This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Earlier this week, the bizarre, unexplainable, ongoing plunge in the dollar and US bond prices in the aftermath of the stronger than expected CPI print which also sent equities surging, prompted at least one trader at Citi to explode: “Wake Up Folks, It’s Not Risk Positive” […]

Silver For The People 2017-12-26 20:52:31 / Mike Mish Shedlock / Dec 26, 2017 The Fed is worried about low inflation. They should look at home prices, equities, junk bonds, and leveraged loans. 2017 was a Banner Year for Debt. Spreads continue to collapse and the ease at which leveraged debt is refinanced at lower yields is nothing short of amazing. READ MORE The […]

A Few Thoughts about Currencies and Equities / by Marc Chandler / October 30, 2017 The S&P 500 closed strongly ahead of the weekend to extend the advancing streak to the seventh week and nine of the past ten.  Some efforts to decompose the return since the bottom in 2009 finds that roughly two-thirds can be explained by earnings growth and about […]

German 2Y Yield Plunges To Record -0.95%: Citi Explains Why It Will Keep Dropping / by Tyler Durden / Feb 24, 2017 In his latest note this morning, DB’s Jim Reid admits that “I’ve no idea why Bunds are rallying so hard at the moment.” That said, he does attempt to provide some reasons noting that 10y yields (-4.7bps) hit 0.228% yesterday, down from their YTD peak of 0.495% intraday […]

Is America In A Bubble (And Can It Ever Return To “Normal”)? / by Chris Hamilton / Feb 5, 2017 Analysts and talking heads have an awful lot of opinions.  Are we in a bubble or aren’t we?  Rather than offer another opinion, I’ll offer the relationship of US economic activity (GDP) against the Wilshire 5000 (representing US equities) and the Federal Reserves gauge of American wealth, Z1 Household Net Worth series.  These […]

Gold Trumps Stocks In Presidential Transition Years / by Tyler Durden / Jan 23, 2017 Bullion bulls betting that this rally has more room to run have history on their side with the arrival of a new U.S. president. As Bloomberg reports, a look at recent presidential transitions supports optimism among traders over the metal’s prospects. Gold has averaged gains of almost 15% […]

Dollar Marks time / by Marc Chandler / May 25, 2016 The US dollar is little changed against the major currencies as yesterday’s moves are consolidated and traders wait for fresh developments.  Global equities were higher after Wall Street’s advance yesterday.  Asia-Pacific bond yields were firm, following the US lead, but European 10-year benchmark yields are lower, led […]

Will Turkey Become An “Islamic State”? / by Emad Mostaque / 05/05/2016 20:50 “Erdogan once said that democracy, for him, is a bus ride … ‘once I get to my stop, I’m getting off’ ” Jordan’s King Abdullah recalling a conversation with the Turkish President Tonight is H?drellez in Turkey, celebrating spring and the day on which the Prophets al-Khidr and Elijah. […]

Which Narrative Will Win Out: Bulls or Bears? / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016 The battle boils down to what controls the market: central banks or fundamentals. The tug of war between Bull and Bear has rarely been so clearly matched–and the stakes have rarely been so high. Bulls are confident that central banks have their back in 2016. After all,whatever it […]

Markets Build on Yesterday’s Dramatic Recovery / by Marc Chandler / April 19, 2016 Global capital markets staged an impressive recovery after the initial reaction to the failure to freeze oil output sent reverberations through the oil markets, commodities, and Asian equities. The sharp reversal begun in Europe and extended in North America has been sustained. Oil prices remain firm. Perhaps the […]