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‘Israel led by lunatics, tough talk on Iran just demagogy’

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned threats by Israel and the US to strike Iran. This comes after Tehran rejected as a ‘political move’ the latest report by the IAEA which claimed the country has doubled its nuclear capacity. For expert opinion on the story, RT talks to Eric Draitser, who’s a geopolitical analyst […]

‘Unbridled Hypocrisy?’ Panetta flies no-fly zone flag over Syria, blasts Iran

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has accused Iran of training pro-regime militia in Syria. Washington also warned that ‘Tehran’s presence could aggravate the situation on the ground’. Eric Draitser, geopolitical analyst for Stop says Washington’s latest rhetoric once again reveals its double-standard policy towards Syria. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us […]

‘Mossad’s hand in terror attacks, Gaza ghetto the goal’

16 Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack of a security checkpoint at the Egyptian border. The militants tried to force their way through to Israel, but were repelled by border guards. Both Israel and Egypt blamed the attack on Islamist militants, who’ve become increasingly active in recent months. But Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst […]

@Govt follows you: Twitter feeds info to US police state

Millions of us turn to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to share our lives with friends and family. But what you might not know is that you could be giving away your personal data to governments. RT’s Marina Portnaya explains, no privacy settings can bar the authorities’ prying eyes. RT LIVE Subscribe to […]