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The Euro Crisis Is Only Just Beginning / by Harry Dent / December 14, 2015 I’ve been shocked over how much QE and stimulus the central banks have signed on for in the last seven years, but they’re finally starting to reach their limit. The U.S. already did in 2014 when the Fed finally tapered. And this week, the markets are betting on a […]

NO Vote Looks Like 55% in Greece / by Martin Armstrong / July 5, 2015 Our staff there in Athens right now is reporting that it appears the NO vote has the majority. This is a vote that demonstrates Brussels has been dead wrong with austerity for the last 5 years. This is likely to encourage a contagion. Brussels will most likely resist for […]

Gold Demand Explodes as Volatility and Fear Stalk Market / By GoldCore Research / January 20, 2015 Although the extent to which the surprise move by the Swiss National Bank last week has damaged financial institutions will not be apparent until the end of the month, it is already clear that enormous damage has been wreaked on many businesses exposed to the foreign exchange markets. […]

Depositors Should Prepare for Haircuts

Bail-in has always been the template in the U.S., and as the chart below shows, many lost out in the S&L crisis, just as any one there, or willing to look it up, could tell you. With turmoil in markets, many are holding their wealth in financial institutions should prepare for a repeat. read more

EU Free-Movement Promise Yields Unintended Economic Consequences

The U.K. has long championed expansion of the European Union to include the myriad republics of the former Soviet bloc for its own political purposes. But mass migration and labor market imbalances are examples of the unintended consequences that too often result from government-led social engineering. Now U.K. officials are leading calls to put the […]

Proposed French Ban on Company Closures Chills Business Climate

In a truth-stranger-than-fiction item, the lower house of the French legislature earlier this month passed a bill that would make it illegal for a company to close as long “as long as it is remotely profitable,” according to a recent post by foreign exchange analyst and writer Martin Armstrong. Even before the Socialist government of […]

Portugal Exposes Fragility of Euro Confederation

Germany is not the only Eurozone nation where a sovereign constitutional court has thrown a hitch in the grand scheme of preserving a single European currency. Portugal has spent the year on a roller coaster of rosy optimism and dashed hopes. Despite promising 3rd quarter numbers, its long-term prospects for economic viability continue to be […]

German Ruling on Bond Buying Could Return Eurozone to Chaos

While the U.S. government shutdown and looming debt ceiling crisis dominates world-wide buzz, an event deemed by some analysts to be potentially even more planet-shaking is expected before month’s end—the German Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the European Central Bank’s program to purchase unlimited quantities of Eurozone sovereign debt. read more

Economic Sentiment in Europe: Not Exactly a ‘Crisis Over’ Signal / by Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev / September 29, 2013 There’s a lot of optimism in the air nowadays across the EU with eurocrats of all shades of grey busying themselves declaring the end of the euro crisis… and the media is firmly on the bandwagon too – even signs of shallower contractions are interpreted as ‘huge bounces’ into […]

Finland Latest to Join Gold Repatriation Movement

Mine, said the paper, mine are the words that smother the stone with imagined birds, reams of them, flown from the mind of the shaper. —from ‘Song of the Powers’ by David Mason Finland recently became the latest nation to initiate action to pull its physical gold reserves back within its national borders. As WealthCycles […]