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Is The Dollar Setting Up For A “Rip Your Face Off” Rally Or Total Freefall?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, There's not much to encourage Bulls in the daily chart of the USD. The U.S. dollar's relentless decline this year poses a question: is the USD setting up for a monster rally, or is it in a slow-motion crash? Opinions vary, of course, as to the possible […]

It’s Not The Economy, Stupid – Trader Warns “It’s All About The Euro” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 2, 2017 1:25 PM With the dollar set for its worst year in 32 years (and if that trend continues, a considerably bigger drop from here), the euro is at its strongest since January 2015 – to Draghi’s dismay – as no matter what the ‘economies’ either side of the Atlantic […]

The Most the Dollar Can Hope for on Turn Around Tuesday is Consolidation / by Marc Chandler / August 1, 2017 After taking a step lower in the North American session yesterday, the dollar is consolidating today.  The euro is holding above $1.18, and the dollar held JPY110.00.  Global equities are mostly higher, while bonds are mixed.  Asia-Pacific yields were mostly higher, while European rates are a little lower.  The US […]

S&P Futures Bounce As VIX Hammered, Europe “Euphoric”

After sliding to 3 month lows on “car cartel” concerns yesterday, European stocks have rebounded after three days of declines, while oil extended gains after Saudi export cuts, with Brent rising above $49 and WTI just shy of $47. Asian stocks fell while S&P futures rose 0.2% to 2,473, putting yesterday’s GOOGL drop on plunging […]

Why A Dollar Rebound May Be Imminent Even As Crash Insurance Costs Hit Nosebleed Levels

Is the bottom in for the dollar yet? After hitting a 14 month low, the Bloomberg Dollar Index saw a modest gain of 0.1% as markets awaited this week’s FOMC meeting and kept a wary eye on Capitol Hill hearings which involve close members of the Trump administration. Quoted by Bloomberg, traders described flows as […]

Euro Recovers from Softer Flash PMI / by Marc Chandler / July 24, 2017 The euro made a marginal new high in early Asia, but participants rightly drew cautious ahead of the flash eurozone PMI.  The flash PMI was softer than expected, and although the composite fell to six monthly lows, it is more a reflection of how steady it has been at elevated […]

“ECB Or Not To Be”: A Preview Of What Mario Draghi Will Say

Looking at today’s main event, the much anticipated ECB announcement in which Draghi may (or may not) announce a hawkish shift to the cental bank’s policies and/or reveal the bank’s tapering plans, Citi (whose titled we borrowed) gives the 30 second summary, and says that the market seems quite split on whether the ECB will […]

More Thoughts on the ECB / by Marc Chandler / JULY 19, 2017 It was ECB President Draghi’s speech in the central bank conference in Portugal on June 27 that began the current market phase.  He seemed to acknowledge the obvious, which that ECB officials may be as surprised as any one with the market’s dramatic response to the assessment reflationary forces are at […]

How High Can the Euro Go on this Reaction – 116 or 125-128? / by Martin Armstrong / Jul 16, 2017 This upcoming seminar in Frankfurt Germany will deal with both the short-term and long-term. This has been the Year from Political Hell, and it will not end until after the German elections. With the ECB finally throwing in the towel admitting (but certainly not publicly) that nearly 10 […]

“It’s Going To Be A Long Summer” One Trader Warns No One, Not Even The Fed, Believe Their Own Forecasts

It was fun while it lasted. For a few brief months, The Fed appeared to 'hawkish, no matter what' as data-dependent morphed into data-ignorant. Markets relished the confidence-inpiring message from the ivory tower academics… but, as former FX trader Rich Breslow notes, none of that occurred in reality and now, "no one really believes even […]