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Rental Insecurity: Survey Finds 1 In 5 American Renters Missed A Payment In Past 3 Months

A new survey conducted by recently found that Americans, despite historically low unemployment levels and surging stock indices which would both seem to suggest that ‘everything is awesome’, are having a very difficult time making ends meet.  Per the survey, some 20% of renters admit they were unable to make their monthly payments on […]

The American Dream, Twice Removed

I can’t avoid linking that to earlier periods of American poverty (see the photos below), says The Automatic Earth's Raul Ilargi Meijer, times in which ‘leaders’ thought it appropriate to let large swaths of the population live in misery, so everyone else would think twice about raising their voices. A tried and true strategy. But […]

Shocking Footage – Dublin Home Eviction – by Anglo Irish Bank

From Financial War Reports / By Max Keiser / April 19, 2012This chilling video is of an elderly couple being removed from their home with force , they had the loan from Anglo Irish Bank. Went online yesterday and already had 36,000 views READ MORE