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Washington Governor Warns: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming

Washington Governor Jay Inslee took to Twitter to warn his followers that they have a mere 59 days to save children from global warming.  The Tweet, which was posted yesterday, is meant to scare readers and the Washington legislature into enacting a carbon tax. According to the Daily Caller, the state legislature’s session ends in 59 […]

Three Kinds of Theft

Via The Daily Bell Taxation is theft. But I’ve seen some people defend taxes with typical arguments like, “It’s not theft because you get something for your money.” Perhaps the confusion lies in the fact that not all thieves act the same. There are at least three different types of theft in which the government engages. […]

Cop Caught on Tape Extorting Driver for Fundraiser: “Buy These Tickets or I Take Your Car”

It seems the no-pressure sales method wasn’t working. Instead, a Philadelphia cop was caught on camera using the threat of force to insist that two guys he pulled over during a traffic stop buy tickets for a fundraiser to support the families of fallen first responders. The driver and his friend were essentially given no […]

URGENT: Shutdown Set To Uphold Healthcare Extortion Scheme – Just Released From North American Law Center / Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:10 SHUT DOWN OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SET TO UPHOLD FEDERAL HEALTH CARE EXTORTION SCHEME ObamaCare declared “unconstitutional” by US Supreme Court The Basis for this Brief The current budget battle between the US House of Representatives and the US Senate is over the funding or defunding of ObamaCare, which […]