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Understanding Money

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver was my first book to be published, but it was not the first book that I wrote.  My first book, Understanding Money, was never completed.  That project proved to be far too ambitious.  It was a massive undertaking to be written as a trilogy.  At the time I […]

What is The Law ?

Description:  US President at Young SE Asian Leaders TownHall Inspires Revisit of: The Law – The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society read more

Is Kress already king of the oligarchs?

A fellow gold and silver enthusiast with excellent record calling most major stock market turning points since 1997, Clif Droke, writes: While cycles are important, having the right set of cycles is absolutely critical to an investor’s success.  We couldn’t agree more, and as animals act en masse (and see: Silver, Gold, and the Future […]

Austrian School Resurgence Reflects Desire for Better Solutions to Economic Malaise

Once virtually abandoned by the mainstream, many ideas associated with Austrian School economics have been increasingly in the spotlight, and in the public consciousness, in recent years. Some of the attention resulted from the popularity of Congressman Ron Paul, who, particularly during his third presidential run in 2012, captured the attention of the millennials, the […]

Federal Reserve Laughter Reveals Feelings of Inadequacy

“The recent release of the Federal Reserve Board’s transcripts of its deliberations back in 2007 shows that their economic prophecies were way off,” writes Hoover Institute Ph.D. economist Thomas Sowell. Not only that, the transcripts record the board members laughing, more and more frequently as crisis approached. Laugher is a sign of nervousness. We investigate. […]

Zombie Banks, Corporations Destroy Economic Prosperity

Zombies are the monster du jour in America right now, their popularity reflected in everything from movies and TV series to Homeland Security training exercises. Even major stars such as Brad Pitt are being featured in zombie-themed movies. Even programming on Montana ABC affiliate KRTV and its CW station was interrupted by news of a […]

Jong-Eun Needs Uncensored Communication and Price Discovery to be Economic Giant

It is possible with the same freedom of choice in money that U.S. citizens struggle for, North Korea could meet the new ambitious goals laid out by its new young leader, including to become an “economic giant.” As the U.S. already achieved this goal decades ago, it is worth considering how it was done: A […]

Central Planning Doomed for Lack of Price Intelligence

Ludwig Von Mises teaches us the path to light, by explaining why, logically, centrally planned economies throughout history have invariably failed: In short, all have an unsolvable economic calculation problem. In other words, no human planners can possibly attain the information and understanding that is contained in the most elemental aspect of the marketplace: price […]

Economist Coase Studies People, Companies, Not Abstractions

In 1991, economist Ronald Coase was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics for his role in studying and clarifying the role of transaction costs and property rights that became known as the Coase Theorem. Today, at age 102, Coase is increasingly disillusioned with the data and mathematical nature of modern economics and urges the upcoming […]

"PhD Standard" Failure Displays Pretense of Knowledge in Full Bloom

For too long, the economy has been run by people with lots of letters behind their names—all of whom are certain they know better than the markets and even better than history. They are the academic elite running the Federal Reserve and other central banks worldwide, arguably the most powerful, influential group of people in […]