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Autonomous Killer Robots Almost Here: “3rd Revolution in Warfare After Gunpowder, Nuclear”

The warnings have been sounded for decades. It won’t be long now: all the parts and systems to create lethal machines with a mind of their own, deciding who and when to kill without human oversight are conceptually already developed. It is just a matter of time, and by all accounts that time is short. […]

Warren Edward Pollock: A Primer on Empire Collapse with Impact

A definition of Empire being a function of Geography (This is explained further and visually in "a rental" video which outlines this process via a Dymaxion Map). We have confused the function of physical-empire with financial function. Money facilitates the natural geographic function of empire. An empire is a transportation network, distribution and rationing scheme, and an entitlement scheme. We are now in Empire Collapse and it will have profound impact.