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G30 Banking Seminar 2017 and Gold / ARKADIUSZ SIEROŃ / OCTOBER 18, 2017 On Sunday, there was a meeting of international central bankers. What does it imply for the gold market? After a week of meetings between the World Bank and the IMF, there was the G30 banking seminar. The group of speakers included Janet Yellen from the Fed, the ECB Vice President […]

US Industrial Production Data Dashes ‘Survey-Driven’ Hopes Of Manufacturing Renaissance

Following August's storm-driven collapse in Industrial Production (-0.9%, worst since May'09), September was due for a bounce back and it did but only meeting expectations with a 0.3% rise on a surge in Utilities. However, aggregate industrial production for US remains 2% below its 2014 peak… Manufacturing Surveys have all been soaring heading into today's […]

Eric Peters: “This Is The Nightmare Scenario For The Next Fed Chair” / by Tyler Durden / Oct 15, 2017 4:28 PM While we will have much more to share from the latest weekend letter by One River’s Eric Peters shortly, we found the following section on inflation vs asset bubbles – a topic which BofA’s Michael Hartnett has been focusing extensively on in the past year and which […]

Here’s Why Janet Yellen Is a Revolutionary Hero / LEE ADLER / October 11, 2017 Financial media pundits have been breathlessly speculating lately about who the next Fed Chair will be. Will it be Yellen again? Will it be Cohn? Will it be Warsh? Or will it be somebody else? I have a pretty good idea, and if I were handicapping this race, I’d […]

Gold and Yen at Key Inflection Points; Watch for Possible Breakdown / CHRIS PUPLAVA / 10/06/2017 Key trend changes in the yen have a close correlation with major moves in the price of gold Both yen and gold are at another major inflection point Diverging monetary policy between the Fed and BOJ suggest next move is to the downside Background: Moves in the Japanese yen have been a […]

Forces of Movement / by Marc Chandler / October 8, 2017 Over the past few weeks, the markets have come to accept the likelihood of a December Fed hike. US interest rates have adjusted.  The pricing of December Fed funds futures contract is consistent with around an 80% chance of a hike. The two-year yield is trading at the […]

Fire Breaks Out On The Roof Of The New York Fed / by Tyler Durden / Oct 7, 2017  Dozens of firefighters are fighting a blaze which broke out on the top of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NBC New York reports. The fire broke out sometime before 8:40 p.m. on the roof of the 14-story building at 33 Liberty St. in Lower Manhattan, the location of […]

Look Through the US Jobs Report / by Marc Chandler / October 6, 2017 Traders are putting the final touches on another strong weekly performance for the US dollar.  Strong economic data, including the PMIs, auto sales, and factory orders have surprised to the market.  The ADP report warns that the storms that flattered some high frequency data will likely skew today’s […]

Frontrunning: October 4

Spanish tensions bar Europe from global stocks party (Reuters) Catalonia to move to declare independence from Spain on Monday (Reuters) Catalan Police Chief Investigated For Sedition (TSR) Trump Suggests Puerto Rico’s Debt May Need to Be ‘Wiped Out’ (BBG) Trump Heads to Las Vegas After Shooting Reignites Gun Debate (BBG) Putin says Trump is listening […]

“Dear Fed, Hike Slower… Shrink Faster…”

Authored by Peter Tchir via Brean Capital LLC, Dear Fed, Stop with Rate Hikes and Reduce Balance Sheet We think that the Fed should focus on steepening the yield curve.  That keeping short term rates constant while focusing on balance sheet reduction would benefit the most people and the economy. Effectively, it is time for […]