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Breaking News: Massive Bio-Terror Attack Planned on America / By Dave Hodges / September 2nd, 2016 This is an emergency broadcast of the Common Sense Show and the Red List News. Make this go viral. Paul Martin’s insider sources are telling him that a massive bio-terror attack is being planned, which will be followed by martial law. Additionally, the citizens of Ft. Collins would […]

The “Dead List”: Who The Secret Government Plans to Target Next

Justice Scalia is just the latest of targeted and politically motivated deaths that have taken place during the Obama Administration, and virtually everyone is raising questions about the suspicious details surrounding his death, including the lack of autopsy or official investigation into the possible causes of death. The motive is simple: subversion of the laws […]

In the 50s, Preppers Retreating to Off-Grid Shelters After Attack Were “Treasonous”

This article was written by Aaron Dykes and originally published at Editor’s Comment: Not only is the government inept at handling a crisis, they are generally aimed, ultimately, at exerting greater control over society. From the response to Hurricane Katrina, to the possibility of a major economic collapse and break down of society, there […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In a FEMA Camp?

This article was written by Dave Hodges and originally published at his The Common Sense Show website. Editor’s Comment: The scenario is gruesome and horrifying, but it is unfortunately one that Americans today must face up to. The regime has soured, and turned towards tyranny. Procedures and steps have been put into place, and enormous […]

FEMA Camps Are Open, Guillotines Are In Place, ISIS Executioners Await Your Arrival / by Dave Hodges / 28 January 2016 Ammon Bundy and his closest supporters are in jail. Lavoy Finicum has been executed by the FBI.  Ranchers, everywhere, are taking note. The ranchers now know that this administration wants them off their land at all costs. This administration cannot let any significant opposition develop.  A false […]

Shocking Jade Helm Training Video: Children Used in Mock FEMA Camp Roundups / May 19th, 2015 All the official lies about how Jade Helm is only meant for action overseas in some land far, far away have now been exposed. They are brazenly putting this tyranny in everyone’s face. The footage below, released by the Marines and reported on by Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, shows our […]

HOW TO AVOID BEING SENT TO A FEMA CAMP / by Dave Hodges / November 24, 2014 “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.“ Serenity Prayer There are certain realities that are transpiring in the world today that none of us has any control over. […]

FEMA Camp Mass Incarceration Is A Goal of the Ebola Crisis / by Dave Hodges / October 30, 2014 For a number of years, the topic of FEMA Camps (i.e. American concentration camps) have been rumored to exist. Jesse Ventura, on his show, Conspiracy Theory, revealed to the public the existence of FEMA Camps in such a dramatic fashion that the episode has been banned from public viewing. […]