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SHTFplan: Action Star Jean-Claude Van Damme Calls Out Rockefeller/Rothschild Puppet Masters Who “Won’t Let Trump Win”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: Here’s Jean-Claude Van Damme, kicking ass once again. When it comes to celebrities and actors speaking out, they are usually responding as concerning citizens not much different from the average Joe. They […]

Begging WWIII? Western Pilots Get “Green Light To Take Drastic Action Against Russian Jets”

This article was written by Tyler Durden an originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Note: It is one thing for the West to sharpen their rhetoric in attempt to make Putin look bad in retaliation for his attacks on ISIS, which have left American and NATO forces looking inept and insincere in their duplicitious and […]

RussiaToday: Video: Mirage 2000 fighter jet flyover destroys glass building in Brazil

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