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WealthCycles Video Report – March 2015

Hello and Welcome to a Special March Edition of the WealthCycles Video Report.  In this episode, Mike is joined by Andy Tanner, the stock market expert from the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization.  They discuss the state of the stock market and tactics you can use to produce profits even at the top of the […]

Wealth Cycles Video Report – February 2015

  Hello and Welcome to the February 2015 edition of the WealthCylces Video Report.  The past month was relatively quiet after last month’s shock of the Swiss National Bank de-pegging from the euro, but a lot of lower profile events took place in the interim.  Be sure to watch this month’s report to get all […]

WealthCycles Video Report – January 2015

Hello and Welcome to the first WealthCycles Video Report of 2015.  We’re only three weeks in and 2015 has already produced some fireworks in the global financial markets. In this episode Mike gets us caught up on the events that will shape the rest of this year and beyond.  He covers: read more

Understanding Money

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver was my first book to be published, but it was not the first book that I wrote.  My first book, Understanding Money, was never completed.  That project proved to be far too ambitious.  It was a massive undertaking to be written as a trilogy.  At the time I […]

‘Tuttle Twins’ Book Offers Children Alternative to Mainstream View of Law

Although he never studied economics, French businessman, politician, philosopher and writer Frédéric Bastiat was among the first to verbalize many of the concepts that underpin Austrian school economics. In an earlier article, Wealth Cycles wrote of Bastiat’s antipathy for taxes and tariffs that interfered with the functions of the free market. Among the many issues […]

Whalen Offers Non-politicized View of Bank Fundamentals

Banking system expert and author Christopher Whalen is perhaps best known for having decried, publicly, the risky business of subprime mortgage lending and securitization, and its danger to the financial system, long before the housing crisis and worldwide crash of 2008. Today he continues speaking out about the dangerous and unsustainable business models that underpin […]

What is The Law ?

Description:  US President at Young SE Asian Leaders TownHall Inspires Revisit of: The Law – The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society read more

Debt Deck Stacked Against Emerging Market Nations

In What Happens in a Market Downturn? we considered the potential performance of the asset class; however, here we want to explore the idea of just who is frontier or emerging, and how these regions’ people really compare to those in supposed developed economies. The terms alone connote much: developed becomes legacy as developments are […]

Campaign to Debase U.S. Coins Alive and Well in Obama Budget

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recently submitted budget proposal for 2015 revisits against U.S. coinage, its composition and cost. The President has shown an interest in updating and streamlining U.S. currency by cutting costs to production or eliminating altogether the smallest denominations since at least 2010, “in order to efficiently promote commerce in the 21st Century.” […]

‘Crime of ’73’ Predicted ‘New Normal’ of Currency Debasement

“I am sure that the power of vested interests is vastly exaggerated compared with the gradual encroachment of ideas.”  — John Maynard Keynes A rare sentiment of Keynes with which broad agreement can be found, and in our discovery of what became known as the Crime of ’73, distinction can be drawn between winning battles […]