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WealthCycles Video Report – March 2015

Hello and Welcome to a Special March Edition of the WealthCycles Video Report.  In this episode, Mike is joined by Andy Tanner, the stock market expert from the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization.  They discuss the state of the stock market and tactics you can use to produce profits even at the top of the […]

Health – US 2013 Uninsured, 2014 Uninsured Are Apples and Oranges

Since 1987, the U.S. Census Bureau has collected information on how many people living in the United States are covered by health insurance and shared that information in a widely cited annual report. In 2014, the first year the U.S. Affordable Care Act will take effect, the Census Bureau has announced a change in the […]

Rare Cars, Like Numismatic Coins, To Make Better Hobbies Than Investments

Mike Maloney has long warned potential investors of the risks involved with numismatics, or collectible coins. In his book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, he wrote: You should do your own research and decide for yourself. The more research that I do on this topic, however, the more I become convinced that (with […]

Inequality Due to Currency Debasement, State of The Union: Unemployed

Back at the beginning of 2012, we first wrote about the new depression brought about by the redistribution of wealth away from the poor and middle class via ongoing and deliberate inflation. Since we’ve seen those working Full-Time Lose to Part-Time As Small Businesses Seek to Avoid Health Insurance Costs, and now a resurgence in […]

Plastic Banknotes: Practical Substitute for Paper or Invasion of Privacy?

Canada completed the conversion of its banknotes from cotton-based paper to polymer, or plastic, bills at the end of 2013, just about the time Bank of England announced it would join Canada and another 20-some nations by switching to plastic currency. Since plastic bills cost nearly twice that of paper bills, the question is why […]

Bundesbank Gold Repatriation Misreported

In our recent bid to hold media accountable, inaccurate reporting on gold seems sloppiest—perhaps it’s due to terms changing behind the scenes, in a shadowy deal. It’s common to hear an exasperated: “Germany’s Bundesbank is repatriating its gold from the Federal Reserve Bank, but it will take seven years to do it.” Alexa-200-ranked described […]

Fashion Catches Up to Investment Demand for Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is not generally considered an appropriate investment mainstay, due to the fact that the buyer typically pays a high premium over the price of the gold for the workmanship that goes into transforming gold into jewelry, and because the quality of the gold in jewelry varies widely from piece to piece. Of course, […]

How Fed Spreads Price Inflation via Taper

How does the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) taper quantitative easing (QE), to aid the “take away?” How does the Fed raise rates, and regain control over the short interest rates heading subzero, while better focusing credit on prices planners prefer manipulated… In turn, manipulating expectations, and in turn, human action? How does the Fed continue […]

Soros Gets Some Things Right, Sometimes

The Quantum Fund “goes up 4200% or so,” as CNN puts it, in an interview with Jim Rogers, recalling when he was age 30, and partners with George Soros. In the interview, Rogers says they both “worked very, very hard; we were both very intense, and passionate about what we were doing… we both understood […]

Evidence Mounts That China Aims to Dethrone Dollar

Evidence of China’s determination to supplant the U.S. dollar with its yuan as the global “coin of the realm” for commerce and reserves continues to grow. No one knows better than the Chinese, with centuries of practice, how to lay low and plan for the long-run. But when things progress to the point of state-sanctioned […]