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Multiple Government Agencies Are Keeping Records Of Your Credit Card Transactions / By Michael Snyder / June 28, 2013 Were you under the impression that your credit card transactions are private?  If so, I am sorry to burst your bubble.  As you will see below, there are actually multiple government agencies that are gathering and storing records of your credit card transactions.  And in turn, […]

Could Cyprus Be The Defining Event Of This Century? /  By Jim Sinclair / March 30, 2013, at 6:26 pm Dear CIGAs, Cyprus is the defining event of the century if these damn fools really pursue depositors. You must exit the system to the greatest degree possible. There is no others logical course of action. Anything’s possible now by Serge Halimi Everything was becoming impossible. […]

Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks

If you still have money in European banks, you need to get it out.  This is particularly true if you have money in southern European banks.  As I write this, the final details of the Cyprus bailout are being worked out, but one thing has become abundantly clear: at least some depositors are going to […]

Deutsche Bank may have violated Iran sanctions / By Benjamin Weinthal / October 31, 2012 German financial giant reportedly confirms US investigation against it over financial transactions in US dollars with Tehran. PHOTO: RALPH ORLOWSKI / REUTERS BERLIN – Flagship German financial institution Deutsche Bank appears to be embroiled in violations of Iran sanctions, the German television channel n-tv reported Tuesday on […]