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Too Poor To Fine? Town Forced To Pay $680K For “Running Debtor’s Prison”

The state has turned its people into serfs once again, and, as's Mac Slavo points out, through petty fines and regulations, everyone has once again come under the thumb. For the corporeally liberated, it is primarily a form of debt servitude, but for the poorest, who have nothing left to lose, it can mean […]

SHTFplan: Man Fined for Vegetable Garden: “Harassed Over Growing His Own Food”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Lily Dane and originally published at The Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Comment: This personalized and local form of tyranny is becoming all-too-familiar. It is utterly clear that the powers-that-be hope you and yours never become self-sufficient and able to feed your family. How […]

This City Will Fine You Literally Anything: “Including Mismatching Drapes and Front Yard Grilling”

In an age of economic stress, many cities and states – on the verge of bankruptcy or default – are abusing their powers to squeeze extra revenue out of their already struggling citizens. Petty laws are the building blocks of tyranny. This has long been understood. That is why the Declaration of Independence discusses this […]

endlessmountain: 2012.07.16 Silver Chart Update

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