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Firefighter Prophet: Trump Will Appoint 5 Supreme Court Justices

According to Mark Taylor, the firefighter prophet who claims God speaks to him, Donald Trump will get to appoint five Supreme Court justices during his tenure as president.  Taylor says God has chosen Trump to do his will and his “anointed one” will “stack the court,” in order to “send a clear message to the enemy.” This […]

Mark Taylor: ‘Obama Was Corrupt; Will Be Stripped Of The Presidency’

The author of the Trump Prophecies book, Mark Taylor says that not only is president Donald Trump not going anywhere and he’ll win a second term, but he’s predicted that former president Barack Obama will be “ripped and stripped of his presidency.” Taylor has previously predicted that Donald Trump would win the White House long […]

At Least Nine Killed, 25 Missing After Massive Fire Breaks Out At Oakland Warehouse Party

At least nine people were confirmed dead and 25 others are unaccounted for after a fire broke out during a rave at a “huge” warehouse in Oakland, California, local media reported on Saturday, according to city fire officials, cited by KTVU. The fire was first reported Friday night at 11:30 p.m., on 31st Avenue and […]