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Do Wars Help or HURT the Economy?

Does Defense Spending Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs … Or Is It BAD for the Economy? Preface: Trump wants to drastically increase military spending.  At the same time, France, China, Japan and other countries are ramping up their military spending. An understanding of the effect on the economy is therefore timely. A number of […]

Making Yields Great Again: Trump Unleashes A “Bigly Rates Repricing”

The past two days have seen some historic moves in US Treasury rates, where as a result of a Yuuuge repricing in the long end… … which have seen 30Y TSYs plunge 5% since Trump’s win, a stark reminder of just what “duration” means… … leading to the biggest drop in 30Y TSYs since October […]

The Fed Has Failed: Business Investment Efficiency Is “Worst Since The Great Depression”

Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via, The Summary: Economic policy objectives (monetary and fiscal) are meant to incentivize domestic private business investment, which drives incomes and the money multiplier effect, i.e. the engine of the economy. Economic policy objectives have failed because CEOs, the private capital allocators, simply cannot accommodate business investment when the demand […]