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You Know It’s Late In The Cycle When The Yield Curve Starts Generating Headlines

Authored by John Rubino via, The yield curve is one of those indicators that most people have heard of but few can explain. In part this is because it’s usually a non-issue, only becoming important enough to argue about during the final year of long expansions. Like now: Yield curve flattening maintains relentless momentum […]

Is This The Real Reason Why The Treasury Curve Has Been Collapsing For A Month?

A 'funny' thing happened a month ago. The Treasury yield curve suddenly started to collapse… despite gains in stocks and positive economi data surprises… the question is, why? Here's one possible reason why.. Originally submitted by GovTrader, TL/DR: Tax reform creates pension fund incentive to buy 30yr bonds NOW. Currently, the top corp tax rate […]

10Y Treasury Yields Just Did Something Every Bond Bear Was Waiting For

10Y Treasury yields just crossed 2017's Maginot Line of 2.40% – the highest in six months…   Following Jeff Gundlach's bearish bond perspective, and the signals from the commodity/reflation markets…  Citi is warning that 2.39-2.40% is HUUUUUGE on the US 10 year yield A break of this resistance (close) would strongly suggest a move to […]

Gundlach: Bond Wipeout Is Just Beginning

It was already a jittery day for fixed income investors, with a bond rout which started after today’s French auction was poorly received, unleashing a selling scramble and sending Bund yields above 0.50% for the first time since January 2016, and breaking out above a key support level, then crossing the ocean and slamming both […]

Confusion In Bond World, As Eurodollar Shorts Hit New Record High Over $3 Trillion

One week after we observed the biggest monthly short squeeze in 10Y TSYs in history, it was a relatively calm week in the longer-end of the Treasury curve. According to the latest CFTC data, spec net shorts in aggregate Treasury futures was little changed from the previous week at 612K contracts in TY equivalents. While, […]

Here Are The “Costanza Trades” Of 2017

In what, for the past seven years, has been an upside-down investing world where the opposite of what financial and economic theory – and certainly consensus – suggests should happens with centrally-planned regularity, what better trading recommendation list than one focusing on the “Costanza Trades” for the year ahead. Conveniently, that’s what RBC’s Mark Orsley […]

Calm Before The Storm – Coming Out Of The Voldrums

Implied volatilities – the market's best guess at short-term-future uncertainty – collapsed last week across every asset class from FX to equity. For now, as Bloomberg's Richard Breslow notes, markets seem comfortably calm amid the real storm of macro, micro, and geopolitical risks, but many of the same 'calm' markets are at critical technical levels […]

“This Is The Capitulation Phase” – Why Treasury Yields Are About To Really Plunge

While mom and pop investors and BTFDers (if not so much hedge and mutual funds and other “smart money“) have been delighted by the latest V-shaped surge in stocks, it has come as we have repeatedly shown…   … at the expense of collapsing long-term yields as another central bank liquidity tsunami is priced in. […]

ZeroHedge: “Capitalism Has A Crisis” – Deutsche Sees No Light At The End Of The Tunnel “Until There Is A Recession”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. In recent months unexpected calls have emerged from unexpected sources questioning whether capitalism is even working any more in a world in which corporate profits refuse to drop leading to paltry wage gains and thus, lack of the all-important wage […]

One Of The Two Most Crowded “Consensus Trades” Of 2015 Just Ended With A Whimper

Back in January we laid out the “two most crowded trades” in the hedge fund community as we entered 2015. The first was being long the US dollar, a trade which as we updated two weeks ago has gotten so big, it is now the biggest consensus trade by a factor of 3x… … one […]