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The Fed’s Monetary Tantrum Will Push The Economy Into Outright Deflation

Via, It is increasingly evident that the US economy is not taking off like some predicted after the election. President Trump and the Republicans haven’t passed any of the fiscal stimulus measures we hoped to see. Banks and energy companies have got some regulatory relief, and that helps. But it’s a far cry from […]

John Mauldin: “One Of These 3 Black Swans Will Trigger A Global Recession”

Authored by John Mauldin via, Exactly 10 years ago, we were months way from a world-shaking financial crisis. By late 2006, we had an inverted yield curve steep to be a high-probability indicator of recession. I estimated at that time that the losses would be $400 billion at a minimum. Yet, most of my […]

World Stock Markets Mixed, Quiet; FOMC Meeting In Spotlight / by Jim Wyckoff via Money Morning / July 25, 2017 Global equity markets were steady to narrowly mixed in quieter overnight dealings. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward firmer openings when the New York day session begins. The U.S. indexes are at or near record highs with no early chart clues to suggest they are topping out. Gold […]

Asian Metals Market Update: July-25-2017 / By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants / 25 July 2017 Factors which can affect markets        Gold and silver need to break and trade over $1262 and $16.64 for another wave of rise. Sell off will be there if gold does not break $1262 and silver does not break $16.64. Trend after the FOMC statement will be […]

Breslow Slams Fed Confusion: “FOMC Charts Will Need Virtual Reality Headsets To Deal With The Added Dimensions”

Hawkish? Dovish? Balance sheet reductionist? Rate-hike limited? Worried about inflation or excited by the economic outlook? Or just plain old confused? What and why did Yellen just say what she did, unleashing the latest market reaction to her supposedly “dovish” congressional testimony, and sending risk assets higher just two weeks after the same Janet Yellen […]

Tales From The FOMC Underground

Authored by EconomicPrism's MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum, A Great Big Dud Many of today’s economic troubles are due to a fantastic guess.  That the wealth effect of inflated asset prices would stimulate demand in the economy. The premise, as we understand it, was that as stock portfolios bubbled up investors would feel […]

Former Fed Governor: “The Fed Isn’t As Independent As Many Think”

With every passing day, the Fed is slowly losing the game, a point made earlier today by SocGen’s Albert Edwards who wrotes that “Citizens Will Soon Turn Their Rage Towards Central Bankers.” And it is not just skeptical pundits, and former (and in some cases current) Fed presidents admitting central banks are increasingly powerless to […]

When Doves Fly – Bond Market Turbulence Ahead – by Michael Carino

  It is largely acknowledged that after a decade of unprecedented monetary accommodation in the US and abroad, bond markets are extremely overvalued.  Globally, central banks are trying to slowly deflate this bubble but the beast created is not easily broken.  A decade of manipulating bond prices has created a small consortium of large balance […]

Trader: “We Need Another 20 Basis Points For The Entire Narrative To Change” / by Tyler Durden / Jun 20, 2017  9:27 AM As noted yesterday, Bloomberg trading commentator Richard Breslow refuses to jump on the bandwagon that the Fed is hiking right into the next policy mistake. In fact, he is pretty much convinced that Yellen did the right thing… she just needs some help from future inflationary print […]