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The Herd Mind

Authored by Dan Sanchez via The Foundation for Economic Education, The State is a state of mind; it is the herd mindset itself. Randolph Bourne famously wrote, “War is the health of the State.” This has long been the byword for anti-war, anti-state libertarians, and rightly so. But Bourne did not mean exactly what most […]

Great Moments In Local Government Tyranny

Via Daniel Mitchell of The Foundation for Economic Education, I focus most of my ire on the federal government because bad policy from Washington is the biggest threat to our nation’s freedom and prosperity. But we also get plenty of bad policy from other levels of government. I periodically focus on the foibles of states […]

Welcome Aboard… But First US Marshals Will Scan Your Retina

Submitted by Jeffrey Tucker via The Foundation for Economic Education, For some 15 years, airport security has become steadily more invasive. There are ever more checkpoints, ever more requests for documents as you make your way from the airport entrance to the airplane. Passengers adapt to the new changes as they come. But my latest […]

Which Country Punishes Productive People The Most?

Submitted by Daniel Mitchell via The Foundation for Economic Education, Back in 2014, I shared some data from the Tax Foundation that measured the degree to which various developed nations punished high-income earners. This measure of relative “progressivity” focused on personal income taxes. And that’s important because that levy often is the most onerous for […]

Would Ayn Rand Have Cast President Trump As A Villain?

Submitted by Steve Simpson via The Foundation for Economic Education, After Donald Trump announced a number of cabinet picks who happen to be fans of Ayn Rand, a flurry of articles appeared claiming that Trump intended to create an Objectivist cabal within his administration. “Ayn Rand-acolyte Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with fellow Objectivists,” proclaimed […]

5 Blood-Boiling Cases Of Government Overreach

Submitted by Kelly Wright via The Foundation for Economic Education, Every year the number of regulations, dictates, rules, decrees, guidelines, statutes, laws, and bylaws in the United States grows by leaps and bounds. Just look at the growth in the number of final rules contained in the Federal Register: Government Overreach Now it seems we […]

5 Laws That Could Send Santa To Federal Prison

Submitted by David Rosenthal via The Foundation for Economic Education, While most people know Jolly Old Saint Nick as a friendly figure, he too is not immune from the perils of administrative overreach and overcriminalization. To get you in the Christmas spirit, here is a list of some of the potential crimes and violations of federal law Saint […]

Don’t Be Fooled. The Trump Rally Is Not A Sign Of Economic Health

Submitted by Steven Horowtiz via The Foundation for Economic Education, The headlines tell us that the Dow Jones is up around 1,000 points since Donald Trump won the election on November 8th. The conventional wisdom is that this shows how much confidence people have in Trump’s ability to generate a healthy American economy. The argument […]