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Emmanuel Macron Elected Youngest Ever President Of France With 65% Of The Vote

Update: As Emmanuel Macron arrived in the courtyard of Paris’s Louvre museum to deliver his victory speech to thousands of supporters, the European Union’s anthem “Ode to Joy” played in the background. “Tonight, France won,” he said to rapturous crowds, adding that “Europe and the world are watching us.” Macron said, cited by the Telegraph, […]

Still More Tightening In French Polls

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, A week ago, French polls had tightened to the point where any combination of candidates could make it to the final round. The polls are now so tight that at least one upset is arguably likely. A mere two points separate Marine Le Pen from both François Fillon and […]

French Presidential Race: Marine LePen Far Ahead Of Rivals In Secret Polling

An editor at French daily, Le Figaro, has alluded to secret polling data which show the Front National’s Marine Le Pen polling close to 34% among those with intentions to vote in the first round of the French presidential election. Authored by Damien Cowley, Surveys in the public domain consistently have populist LePen ahead of […]

Police Sharpshooter Accidentally Opens Fire At President Hollande Speech, Two Injured

A police sharpshooter accidentally opened fire during a speech by French President Francis Hollande, injuring two people in the process, AP reported. The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in Villognon, Charente in western France where Hollande was preparing to reveal the LGV high speed rail line, when a shot was clearly heard in the background […]

Global Warming: The Right Kind / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / December 16, 2016  The fragile coalition of US President Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Francois Hollande, all waging a futile second cold war on Russia has shattered. Led by Donald trump, but fought by Angela Merkel, the world is warming up to Russia. Obama is gone, Hollande is […]

And Then There Was One

So much has changed in just the 8 months since April 25, 2016, when this “White House Photo” of the day was taken. As Will Jordan notes, the photo showed a meeting of the world’s top political leaders, President Barack Obama talking with European leaders before their meeting in Hannover, Germany. From left: British Prime […]

Impeachment Process Starts On French President Hollande For Disclosing Classified Information To Journalists

Submitted by Michael Shedlock vioa, French president François Hollande whose approval rating is a scant 4% now faces impeachment for disclosing classified information to journalists. Given national elections take place in 2017 and given socialists would be unlikely to convict him, one has to wonder “why bother?”, yet here we go: French Right Calls […]

French Unemployment Soars: Will Hollande Keep His Word or Will He Humiliate Himself? / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / October 2, 2016 The unemployment rate in France surged in August (the latest report) to a 12-month high of 10.5%.  French President Francois Hollande said he will not run for reelection unless the rate drops below 10%. Will he keep his word? The Financial Times reports French Unemployment at 12-Month High. […]

French Economy Minister Resigns to “Regain Freedom”; His Political Party “En March” / Mike “Mish” Shedlock  / August 30, 2016  The presidential campaign in France is now in full swing. All that’s missing is the presidential announcement of Emmanuel Macron, the French minister who resigned today to “regain freedom”. He seeks to distance himself from French president Francois Hollande whose ratings are in the gutter. Macron announced a […]

I Couldn’t Be Angrier or Less Worried / by Andrew Hoffman / Aug 22, 2016 It’s early Monday morning – in what is typically the slowest volume week of the year, aside from Christmas through New Year’s Eve.  So slow, I have just eight articles in my “horrible headline notes” from the past 48 hours, as the entire Western world is on vacation.  That […]