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SHTFplan: Exorcist Plans To ‘Counter-Attack’ Witches’ Hex On Kavanaugh

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Father Gary Thomas, an exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, California, is “appalled” that a coven of witches is planning to “hex” president Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, on October 20. But Father Thomas has a plan to “counter-attack” the hex being put […]

Martin Armstrong Rages At California’s Brown: “Arrogance Knows No Bounds”

Authored by Martin Armstrong via, The governor of California is just insane and out of control. Besides boasting that California is its own country free to enter into treaties with Europe against the Constitution, now Governor Brown is restricting the freedom of movement of its citizens, creating a list of states within the USA […]

Islam Will Surpass Christianity To Become The World’s Largest Religion, New Report Says

Via Michael Snyder of The End of The American Dream blog, If current trends continue, Islam is on track to become the largest religion in the entire world by the end of this century according a stunning new report that was just released by the Pew Research Center. While it is true that Christianity is […]

RussiaToday: Enemy Inside: Pro- & anti-Islam radicals caught in web of hate

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