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Guest Post: “Introducing FreeGold”, by Torgny Persson of Bullion Star / By Turd Ferguson / June 2, 2015 Torgny Persson is the CEO of Bullion Star and he posted this FreeGold summary to their site back in April. I’ve been meaning to post it here as a discussion starter and background piece and today’s finally the day. Again, the Bullion Star site is where […]

FOFOA – Glimpsing the Hereafter

Friday, February 3, 2012 Welcome back, Ari!! If you don’t know ARISTOTLE, that’s probably because he took a brief hiatus of 7 years and 3 days from posting comments about Freegold. And that was after 6 years of posts and comments prior. So needless to say, I’m THRILLED to have him back! Ari wrote me […]

ytgv3fc7: COT – W T F

0 open positions for COT?
I’ve never seen that since I began looking at the COT reporting. Ever.