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French Rail Staff Stage Protests Against Tyrannical President Emmanuel Macron

French rail workers have launched three months of rolling train strikes. The strikes are on schedule to become the largest and most chaotic industrial action against Emmanuel Macron’s drive to overhaul state transport and liberalize the economy. The media is calling the protests “Black Tuesday,” while simultaneously attempting to deflect from the left-of-left dictator in […]

The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Accelerates

As the Obama administration continues to alienate almost everyone else around the entire planet, an increasing number of prominent international voices are starting to question why the U.S. dollar should be so overwhelmingly dominant in global trade.  In previous articles, I have discussed Russia’s “de-dollarization strategy” and the fact that Gazprom is now asking their […]

Frexit fever reaches heart of French establishment / By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard / Last updated: October 21st, 2013 Calls for EMU break-up are spreading into the upper echelons of the French foreign policy establishment, and the pro-European core. An astonishing new book by François Heisbourg – La Fin du Rêve Européen (The end of the European dream) – argues that the “euro […]

What Level of Taxation Is Too Much? / By Nick Giambruno / June 28, 2013 8:09pm You are technically a slave when 100% of the fruits of your labor is taxed or otherwise confiscated by force. So, at what percentage are you not a slave? When you consider the totality of the countless direct and indirect taxes on the local, state, and federal levels in the […]

French President announces 75% tax on companies for salaries above 1m / By NEOnline | March 28, 2013 – 9:21pm French companies will pay a 75% tax on all salaries higher that one million Euros, the French President, Francois Hollande announced Thursday evening. Mr. Hollande said that “the company will have a contribution to pay that will reach 75%. During these difficult times, can’t those […]

Trust me, this time is different… / By Simon Black / February 26, 2013 By 1789, a lot of French people were starving. Their economy had long since deteriorated into a weak, pitiful shell. Decades of unsustainable spending had left the French treasury depleted. The currency was being rapidly debased. Food was scarce, and expensive. Perhaps most famously, though, the French monarchy was […]

The French Great Socialist Revolution Will Be Homework-Free, And Very, Very Cold / By Tyler Durden / 10/19/2012 11:48 Whereas some may have welcomed the latest development in the Great French Socialist Revolution chronicles, primarily those 8-16 year olds who would directly benefit from president Francois Hollande’s attempt to capture the vote of those still ineligible to actually vote, by promising to do away with homework […]

‘Rollerman’ stunt video: French daredevil rolls over 99 mountain curves in China

Inventor of France’s 31-wheel roller suit Jean-Yves Blondeau has successfully rolled down the 99 curves and zigzags of central China’s Tianmen Mountain on Sunday. Blondeau, 42, is known as the French “Rollerman” for his skating speed record of 110 kilometers per hour. Blondeau’s roller suit is comprised of 10 parts, including a helmet, protective wear, […]

France halves its growth forecast / By Bruno Waterfield / July 3, 2012 Jean-Marc Ayrault, the French Prime Minister, yesterday warned that the French economy was set to grow by only 0.3pc, less than half the 0.7pc forecast by the previous government. “We knew the 2012 budget included under-assessments of spending and over-optimistic estimations of revenues,” he said. “The […]