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Exposing Our Lawless Central Bank

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, The economic arguments against central banks are numerous to say the least. Through the writings of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard we have a wide variety of critiques that explain the many ways the central banks distort economies, cause booms and busts, punish savers, and chose […]

Understanding Money

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver was my first book to be published, but it was not the first book that I wrote.  My first book, Understanding Money, was never completed.  That project proved to be far too ambitious.  It was a massive undertaking to be written as a trilogy.  At the time I […]

What is The Law ?

Description:  US President at Young SE Asian Leaders TownHall Inspires Revisit of: The Law – The Classic Blueprint for a Just Society read more

Is Kress already king of the oligarchs?

A fellow gold and silver enthusiast with excellent record calling most major stock market turning points since 1997, Clif Droke, writes: While cycles are important, having the right set of cycles is absolutely critical to an investor’s success.  We couldn’t agree more, and as animals act en masse (and see: Silver, Gold, and the Future […]

Conservative Means Conserving Freedom to Choose

What does it mean to be conservative? What, as a collection of individuals in this confederation of States, are we trying to conserve, and to celebrate? First and foremost, consider again the conservation of individual freedom—the freedom to be different, or as it was once put, ‘freedom to choose’, has deeper rationale beyond the disdain […]

Guess Who Is A Shocking Fan Of Austrian Economics / By Tyler Durden / 05/08/2013 15:58 The statement below, coined by Friedrich Hayek in his 1931 “Prices and Production“, is well-known by any fans of the Austrian school of economics (and by implication, loathed by all Keynesians): “There can be no doubt that besides the regular types of the circulating medium, such as coin, notes […]

Big Spenders Not Key to Real Economic Health

The audio above begins with a reading from Chapter 10 of Henry Hazlitt’s The Failure of the New Economics, ending with Patrick Barrington’s sarcastic poem “I Want to be a Consumer,” published in a 1934 issue of Punch, mocking the prevailing economic thought of the time that would come to sweep away governments with the […]

Federal Reserve Laughter Reveals Feelings of Inadequacy

“The recent release of the Federal Reserve Board’s transcripts of its deliberations back in 2007 shows that their economic prophecies were way off,” writes Hoover Institute Ph.D. economist Thomas Sowell. Not only that, the transcripts record the board members laughing, more and more frequently as crisis approached. Laugher is a sign of nervousness. We investigate. […]

Zombie Banks, Corporations Destroy Economic Prosperity

Zombies are the monster du jour in America right now, their popularity reflected in everything from movies and TV series to Homeland Security training exercises. Even major stars such as Brad Pitt are being featured in zombie-themed movies. Even programming on Montana ABC affiliate KRTV and its CW station was interrupted by news of a […]

Economist Coase Studies People, Companies, Not Abstractions

In 1991, economist Ronald Coase was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics for his role in studying and clarifying the role of transaction costs and property rights that became known as the Coase Theorem. Today, at age 102, Coase is increasingly disillusioned with the data and mathematical nature of modern economics and urges the upcoming […]