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Trump Fans Boycott Walmart After ‘Impeach 45’ Shirts Found On Website

President Donald Trump’s fans have started yet another boycott, and this time, it’s Walmart in the crosshairs.  The store is under fire for putting “impeach 45” shirts for sale on their website, and conservatives are not happy about it. Outrage over the shirts set Twitter on fire with emotional responses and demands for a boycott […]

How This Idaho Oldtimer Constructed An Ideal “Underground Home for Less Than $50”

This guy never took to living conventionally, or really, having anything to do with the grid that he didn’t have to. Mike Oehler is a veteran in the DIY homesteading movement –  writing the book on how he made his own underground home for cheap, less than $50 using found materials and his reservoir of […]

“Micro-Homestead” This Modest Survival Shelter Could Save Your Life When It’s Time to Bug Out

It certainly isn’t much, but when you have nothing else, it could be all you need. In many emergencies, bugging out may not be the best option. Certainly it is not the best choice for every SHTF situation. However, there may be situations where you need to leave your home or dwelling, get out of […]

SHTFplan: “Ugly On Display”: Media Blames Bernie Supporters for Upset Over Rigged Elections

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Anti-Media. Editor’s Comment: The system has just become corrupt and broke at every level, and at this stage of the game, a vast portion of the populace know it full well. Politicians and media figures […]

SHTFplan: Democrats Fear Violence At Convention: “Don’t Want To Go Back To ’68 Riots”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Any way you slice it, the Democratic National Convention coming up in Philadelphia in late July promise to be tumultuous. Though Hillary Clinton and the party insiders long ago expected the 2016 primary to be a formality (which conspicuously few hopefuls in the race), the grassroots voters […]

RussiaToday: ‘We want NATO ended’: Thousands march in Chicago

NATO’s summit in Chicago has been greeted by crowds of activists pouring into the city streets to protest against the bloc’s costly and deadly wars. Saturday saw clashes with police and further arrests, with the protesters pledging their numbers will s…

RussiaToday: Police gear up in Chicago as thousands join anti-NATO rallies

Thousands of protesters have flooded Chicago ahead of a NATO summit on Sunday. A huge showdown is expected later, with police already on high alert. Around a dozen activists were arrested on the eve of the gathering – three were charged with conspiracy…