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The Battle Against GMO Bill H.R. 1599 Rages On / By Nate Rifkin / Sep 11, 2015 Today I’m going to feature some superb feedback from a fellow Laissez Faire luminary, Charles. Here he is: “I regularly receive the Laissez Faire Letter and am aware of your opposition to H.R. 1599. My wife had a massive stroke nearly two years ago and was in the hospital […]

The Increase In Nasty Conditions / by Karl Denninger / Sept 10, 2015 How many times have you seen someone running a meme on some web page — or social media — about autism, asthma, Type I diabetes or other similar nasty maladies and their alleged increased rate in the population? Then the “suspect list” is trotted out — GMO foods, Round Up […]

Genetically Modified Lawyers Sue Chipotle / By Nate Rifkin / Sep 4, 2015 Nearly doubling its number of restaurants since 2010, Chipotle has managed to stomp all over its competition. The Mexican-style fast-casual chain has captured the stomachs and pocketbooks of the office worker. Which means fast-food joints like McDonald’s have to settle for strung-out buffoons stumbling out of strip clubs, for […]

EPA May Set Limits on the Amount of GMO Corn Grown in US / Joshua Krause / September 2nd, 2015 Companies like Monsanto have long touted the benefits of their genetically modified seeds, which make up about half of their annual profits. But these pesticide producing plants have a major downside. While they may produce higher yields at first, the pests they’re supposed to kill can quickly evolve […]

Red List News-CA School GMO Free, Boycotting ESPN, Media Brainwashing / by Dave Hodges / 31 Aug, 2015 In episode 12 of Red List News, Jim “goes deep” with an article about the demolition of the First Amendment in Washington State, while Dave examines the wisdom of police busting lemonade stands while real criminals run free. Next, Jim covers some good news as a couple schools in California […]

GMO Industry Set to Flood U.S. Food Supply with Endless Torrent of Toxic Chemicals / by David Gutierrez via Natural News / August 19th, 2015 The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent approval of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) resistant to new herbicides will soon unleash a flood of new toxic chemicals across the nation’s agricultural heartland, observers have warned. Previously, nearly all GMO crops approved for planting were engineered for resistance to a […]

Crippling Technology / by Eric Peters • August 19, 2015 So much would be possible – if it weren’t for the government. Government, remember, is not composed of experts in much of anything – except control and manipulation. Politicians and bureaucrats are not people who do things. They force others to do things. In the car world, you have the ridiculous […]

Americans “Too Fearful to Face” Facts That the Republic is Dead, the Country is Gone / by Bernie Suarez via Activist Post / August 14th, 2015 Editor’s Comment: No matter what happens in the news, most Americans just can’t face it. At ballgames, schools, churches, meetings, jobs and stores, Americans tend to salute the flag, accept b.s. rationales for evil deeds and stupid policies, and shun inconvenient truths that […]

One of the World’s Most Respected Investors Predicts 2016 Stock Crash / Justin Spittler / August 13, 2015 Jeremy Grantham thinks US stocks could crash next year. Grantham is the founder of GMO, a firm that manages $118 billion. He’s widely respected for warning about the 2000 market crash and the 2008 financial crisis. Although most large money managers will tell you to always be in the […]

Greek Stock Market Reopens (sort of); Math Perspective on the “Bailout” / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / July 31, 2015 The Greek news of the day is Greek Stock Market to Reopen, With Restrictions. Restrictions People cannot draw on their Greek bank accounts to buy shares People can only buy shares with existing brokerage account cash I supposed people could transfer cash from elsewhere into stocks but no […]