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Gold Prices Hit 3-Week Low as UK GDP Makes Rate Rise a ‘Done Deal’, GOP Back Taylor Rule at US Fed / ADRIAN ASH / 10/25/2017 Gold prices fell to the lowest in 3 weeks against all major currencies in London on Wednesday, falling as world stock markets rose after Wall Street set fresh all-time highs despite growing expectations of tighter central-bank policy in the US, UK, and Eurozone. UK government Gilt yields jumped to their highest since February followed […]

Gold Surges To Six-Week Highs Despite Biggest Fund Outflows In 4 Years / by Tyler Durden / Aug 1, 2017 3:55 PM Gold prices just hit $1280. That is the highest since The Fed raised rates in June and follows the best month since February. READ MORE The post Gold Surges To Six-Week Highs Despite Biggest Fund Outflows In 4 Years appeared first on Silver For The People.

The Price Of Gold Spikes As Investors Get Spooked By Talk Of World War III And Nuclear Conflict

Whenever the world starts going crazy, investors instinctively begin flocking to precious metals.  So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when gold and silver prices started to move upward aggressively as global leaders continued to talk about the possibility of World War III and nuclear conflict.  The price of gold spiked to a five month high […]

Watch Live: Rex Tillerson Arrives In Moscow / by Tyler Durden / Apr 11, 2017 9:16 AM With US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson due to land in Moscow imminently, Reuters reports that one of its photographers has seen black smoke rising near Vnukovo airport – Moscow’s 3rd busiest hub. With Tillerson due to land any minute… Reuters confirms… The reaction is already evident […]

Gold Prices in 2017 Will Be Lifted by Donald Trump / by Peter Krauth via Money Morning / January 20, 2017 Gold prices in 2017 are off to an exceptional start. After last week’s strong performance, the gold price has answered with an encore this past week. While stocks, oil, and the dollar endured volatility, gold prices steadily climbed higher throughout the week. There’s little doubt that the […]

Yellen and Trump Comments Send Dollar on Wild Ride / BY SCHIFFGOLD / JANUARY 20, 2017 Only a few days after President-elect Trump’s comments talking down the dollar, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen has sent the greenback rebounding today with strong hints of multiple interest rate hikes “a few times a year” for the next few years. Yellen and the FOMC raised the federal funds rate by […]

Gold Stalls at $1205 as Chinese New Year Approaches / ADRIAN ASH / 01/12/2017 Gold prices dipped back below $1200 per ounce as London trading ended on Thursday, easing $7 per ounce from the new 7-week high hit overnight in Asian trade as commodities rose again but New York stock markets followed global equities lower following yesterday’s press conference from US president-elect Donald Trump. “Trump-inspired rally […]

Gold Prices Are Being Hacked / By Clint Siegner / 10 January 2017 Major U.S. and international banks cheat their customers and rig markets. Revelations have been piling up since the 2008 financial crisis. Hundreds of billions have been paid in fines, penalties, and settlements. The fraud, price manipulation, lying, and theft – once considered conspiracy theories – are now incontrovertible […]

State Dept. cable confirms gold futures market was created for price suppression / CHRIS POWELL / January 4, 2016 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: The U.S. gold futures market was created in December 1974 as a result of collusion between the U.S. government and gold dealers in London to facilitate volatility in gold prices and thereby discourage gold ownership by U.S. citizens, according to a State […]

Two Of The Greats In The Business Say The Decline In Gold Has Gotten Extreme – What Happens Next May Surprise / December 10, 2016 With continued uncertainty in both the gold and silver markets, two of the greats in the business say the decline in gold has gotten extreme.  What happens next may surprise investors. Gold prices have now fallen 20 out of the last 25 days, so the decline is getting pretty extreme. — Bill […]