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WealthCycles Video Report – January 2015

Hello and Welcome to the first WealthCycles Video Report of 2015.  We’re only three weeks in and 2015 has already produced some fireworks in the global financial markets. In this episode Mike gets us caught up on the events that will shape the rest of this year and beyond.  He covers: read more

Gold, Silver Still Hot After All These Years

The results in and, not surprisingly, the winners are… gold and silver! The field of competition: number of Google search requests, or “hits.” Inspired by comic creator xkcd’s “Calendar of Meaningful Dates,” on which the frequency of Google searches for specific dates in a calendar year is indicated by font size, Anders Sandberg did a […]

GSR & USD / May 25, 2012 Uncle Buck (lower panel) has broken above the neckline of a potential Inverted H&S-like pattern that we noted in NFTRH187 a couple weeks ago.  The gold-silver ratio (upper) is still fooling around below strong resistance. NFTRH has long held that it might take a jab up into this resistance zone […]

SGTbull07: Andy Schectman Interview

SGT interviews Andy Schectman SELL GOLD, BUY BONDS?: $10,000 GOLD: Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

SGTbull07: Bill Murphy Interview

SGT interviews Bill Murphy SEISMIC EVENTS in Precious Metals: Planet GATA Vs. Planet Wall Street: Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

SGTbull07: SILVER GURUS: Sprott, Martenson & Bix Weir

This is a long overdue precious metals update discussing the massive paper manipulation of the silver market. Featuring Eric Sprott, Chris Martenson and by phone, Bix Weir. The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold And Silver – Chris Martenson Tyranny Of A Rigged Paper Monopoly Over Silver Price Discovery – Eric Sprott Frightening COMEX […]

SGTbull07: The Government Orchestrated Silver Sell-Off

Bob Chapman on ‘The Government Orchestrated Silver Sell-Off’: Buy food and physical silver.

Mike Maloney: SILVER SHAKEOUT – The Big Picture

“Don’t Panic & Don’t Let The Big Boys Scare You” Here is Mike Maloney’s take on what is happening in the silver market at the moment. Buy and hold physical silver.

Don’t Get Shaken Out Of The Silver Market

BrotherJohnF goes over the fundamentals of the current silver market. Great video talking about the history of silver and its value throughout history. If you have not yet been following him on his youtube channel, I highly recommend him. First buy food, then buy silver.

What Did Gold and Silver Buy You in Ancient Rome?

Came across this video and had to share it. Keep stacking! Buy physical. The time tested asset class that protects you from currency devaluation.