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Silver’s… Comeback and Other Important Signals / PRZEMYSŁAW RADOMSKI , CFA / APRIL 24, 2017 The most prominent action in the precious metals market that we saw last week, took place in silver – the white metal closed the week below the important long-term support/resistance line, thus invalidating the previous breakout. However, there’s more to the precious metals market than just the […]

Gold Sovereigns – ‘Treasure’ Trove Found In UK – Don’t Be The Piano Owner / By Mark O’Byrne / April 24, 2017 Gold Sovereigns – ‘Life Changing’ ‘Treasure’ Trove Found In UK The gold sovereigns – semi-numismatic gold coins made up of both gold sovereigns and half gold sovereigns dating from the reigns of Victoria, Edward VII and George V – were discovered inside an old piano after it was donated […]

The Cause of the Next “Black Monday” / by Brian Maher via The Daily Reckoning / April 21, 2017 Be afraid. Be very afraid. So reads billionaire Paul Tudor Jones’ message to Janet Yellen. Jones says that eight years of essentially zero interest rates have pushed stock valuations to their highest level since 2000 — right before the dot-com bust. Nothing new there, you say? […]

Don’t Let This Happen To You / by John Rubino / APRIL 22, 2017 Some lives were changed recently: Gold Treasure Found Inside A British Piano (Mercury News) — British officials say they’ve been unable to trace the rightful heirs to a trove of gold coins found stashed inside a piano and worth a “life-changing” amount of money. The Shropshire school that […]

Cross ‘Piano’ Off Your List of Best Places to Store Gold / BY SCHIFFGOLD / APRIL 21, 2017 File this story under the category of “worst places to store your gold.” Last year, a piano tuner in Shropshire, England, found 13 pounds of gold stashed inside a piano. This week, officials gave up trying to find the original owner. Bishops Castle Community College sent the piano over to […]

French Elections and Gold / By: Arkadiusz Sieron / 21 April 2017 In the previous edition of the Market Overview, we analyzed the potential impact of the European elections on the gold market. As the Dutch elections are behind us, let’s see how the Wilders’ defeat affected the markets and the political outlook for France, where people will vote for […]

U.S. Stock Market and Gold, Post Tomahawks and MOAB / By Gary Tanashian / 21 April 2017 It happens when inflammatory events (usually political, terror or war related, but also including things like Ebola, Bird Flu and the like) crop up; stocks go down and hysteria starts to build.  The mainstream media jump aboard and next thing you know you’ve got people heading for the […]

Confusion Reigns… / Michael J. Ballanger / 4/19/17 A few days ago, I postulated that despite the seasonal weakness most were anticipating in May and despite the sharp increase in Commercial shorting that was still below 2016 levels, the precious metals would buck conventional wisdom and advance further into even greater degrees of overbought status. On Tuesday […]

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Despite Dollar Dump, Gold Just Got Slammed By $3 Billion Notional Sale / by Tyler Durden / Apr 18, 2017 9:58 AM While the dollar index tumbles to its lowest level since days after the election… READ MORE The post Despite Dollar Dump, Gold Just Got Slammed By $3 Billion Notional Sale appeared first on Silver For The People.