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Peak Shale: Anadarko Just Became The First US Oil Producer To Slash CapEx

It appears that Horseman Global’s Russell Clark may have been spot on with his bearish take on the US shale sector. As a reminder, in his latest letter to investors, Clark said that “the rising decline rates of major US shale basins, and the increasing incidents of frac hits (also a cause of rising decline […]

Venezuela’s “Mysterious” Bond Deal Reappears, And This Time China Wants Out

As its foreign reserves dwindle to less than $10 billion, the government of Venezuela – desperate for any kind of financial lifeline – has partnered with a Chinese brokerage to try and resell $5 billion in bonds that it initially issued at a deep discount, according to the Wall Street Journal. The brokerage, Haitong Securities […]

Pondering The Real Perils Of Risk Parity Portfolios

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, The other day, fabled hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones made headlines when he issued a bold warning to Janet Yellen & Co. (from Bloomberg): The legendary macro trader says that years of low interest rates have bloated stock valuations to a level not seen since […]

American Apparel Preparing Second Bankruptcy Filing In A Year

Less than 9 months after emerging from Chapter 11 proceedings, American Apparel is allegedly preparing for another bankruptcy filing after turnaround efforts by the previous plan of reorganization sponsors, including Standard General, Monarch Alternative Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Pentwater Capital, have apparently failed.  While details are sparse given that the company is now […]

Goldman CEO Blankfein “Supportive” Of Hillary But “Doesn’t Want To Hurt Her” By Endorsing

As has been widely reported, in 2013 Hillary Clinton was paid $675,000 for three speeches to Goldman Sachs.  One was delivered on June 4, 2013 at the 2013 IBD CEO Annual Conference at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina, a second one took place on October 24, 2013 at the Goldman Sachs Asset […]

ZeroHedge: BLS Says Jobs Openings Up; Actually, Openings Falling Fast!

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Submitted by Mish Shedlock of MishTalk The BLS JOLTS (Jobs Openings and Labor Turnover) report came out today. The BLS claims jobs openings are up. Based on an alternate reports, I suggest opening are not only down, but falling steeply. […]

BRICs Finally Broke: Goldman Pulls The Plug On “Revolutionary” Acronym Fund After 88% Loss

Back in February 2013, 12 years after coining the term BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as an acronym for the world’s strongest source of emerging market growth, Goldman’s Jim O’Neill retired, but not before some very (traditionally) optimistic words of parting, namely that there is “clear evidence things are doing better economically.” This is […]

Goldman Strikes Again: Did A Probe Into “Global Warming” Fraud Cost A Prime Minister’s Job

When Tony Abbott became Australia’s prime minister in September 2013, the chain of events that would prematurely end his tenure may already have been in motion: just a few months later China would order its out of control shadow banking system to put on hold its debt issuance machinery, which as we reported a year […]

Are We Heading Into a “Debt Supernova”?

Financial luminaries such as Ray Dalio, Kenneth Rogoff, Bill Gross, Kyle Bass, BCA Research,  John Mauldin and Martin Armstrong think that we’re at the end of a debt supercycle. Former director of the Office of Management and Budget said we’re facing a “debt supernova“. Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan said recently Debt, deficits and entitlement […]

Frontrunning: July 7

Greece faces last chance to stay in euro as cash runs out (Reuters) Tsipras Begins Brussels Campaign to Keep Greece Inside the Euro (BBG) Greek Crisis Shows How Germany’s Power Polarizes Europe (WSJ) Eurogroup Head Dijsselbloem Calls for ‘Credible’ Greece Package (BBG) Europe Not Playing ‘Domino Theory’ Leaves Markets Calm on Greece (BBG) China stocks […]