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The Seven Questions Goldman’s Clients Have About “Rational Exuberance” / by Tyler Durden / Dec 10, 2017 4:00 PM In mid-November, just days after Barclays released its 2018 equity outlook with the title “Rational Exuberance”… … Goldman’s David Kostin decided that imitation was the sincerest form of unveiling a non-contrarian year-end forecast, and in presenting his revised S&P price target for 2018 of 2,850 – which accounts […]

Goldman Reveals Its Top Trade Recommendations For 2018 / by Tyler Durden / Nov 16, 2017 10:01 AM It’s that time of the year again when with just a few weeks left in the year, Goldman unveils its top trade recommendations for the year ahead. And while Goldman’s Top trades for 2016 was an abysmal disaster, with the bank getting stopped out with a loss […]

1MDB Scandal Resurfaces As Singapore Cops Investigate Goldman’s Lucrative Bond Issues

We have another instalment in the investigation into the mind-boggling level of corruption at 1MDB, (1Malaysia Development Berhad), the Malaysian state-owned investment fund. Members of the Singapore police’s economic crime unit have interviewed current and former Goldman employees with respect to the 1MDB bond offerings arranged by the bank. By way of a recap into […]

This Will Be The Biggest Buyer Of Stocks In 2018 / by Tyler Durden / Oct 25, 2017 10:11 AM In July, many were surprised to learn (even though we have shown this many times prior), that according to Credit Suisse analysts there has been just one buyer of stocks since the financial crisis: the corporate sector, also known as “stock buybacks.” Well, don’t change the channel, because according to […]

Goldman Expects Trump To Withdraw From NAFTA, Congress Readies For A Fight / by Tyler Durden / Oct 20, 2017 7:45 PM With NAFTA negotiations going badly, Goldman Sachs has published a report, “Thoughts on the Potential US Withdrawal from NAFTA”, that concludes that the US is likely to withdraw from the trade agreement next year “At this point, efforts at revising the agreement look likely to be unsuccessful, though a […]

Trump And McConnell Make A “Truce Of Necessity” To Save Tax Reform / by Tyler Durden / Oct 15, 2017  Inbetween firing off tweets and defending his decision to end cost-sharing payments to insurance companies, sending healthcare stocks sliding and eliciting accusations of sabotage, president Trump reportedly swallowed his pride and did something he’s been loath to do for months: he called Mitch McConnell. Axios is reporting that, after months […]

“The Perfect Storm Is Brewing”: Goldman Warns Italy Has The Lowest Capacity To Absorb Migrants / by Tyler Durden / Aug 22, 2017 2:48 PM While Europe’s economy and capital markets have been spared any major shocks in the past year, and in fact European GDP has been on a surprisingly resilient uptrend in recent quarters led higher by the relentless German export-growth dynamo (courtesy of the very, very low Deutsche Mark […]

BofA: “2018 Is When Bond Investors Again Get Very Concerned About Fundamentals” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 16, 2017 One week ago, we closed the book on the long-running debate whether gross (and net) leverage is the highest on record, when we showed a chart from Goldman according to which net debt/EBITDA for all companies (with or without energy) is the highest on record, surpassing the previous credit bubble peak by nearly […]

Goldman To Nervous Bitcoin Traders: Be Patient, The Next Surge Will Take It Above $3,600 / by Tyler Durden / Jul 24, 2017  11:20 AM Prompted by growing interest among the hedge fund community, Goldman is dedicating increasingly more “bandwidth” to covering bitcoin, and judging by the bank’s bullish bias, most of the “smart money” appears to be long the cryptocurrency. In a report posted overnight by Goldman’s chief technician Sheba Jafari, she […]

Goldman Is Troubled By The Fed’s Growing Warnings About High Asset Prices / by Tyler Durden / Jul 16, 2017  With both the S&P, and global stock markets, closing last week at new all time highs, it is safe to say that any and all warnings about “froth“, and perhaps a bubble in the market, as Deutsche Bank characterized it last week have been ignored. And yet, as Goldman’s economist team […]