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Macroeconomic realities trump Trump fear

Initially published on     The outcome of the 2016 US presidential election has sent shockwaves through global financial markets. Gold largely reversed its 4% overnight rally and is now back to pre-election levels. This is evidence that gold prices are driven by macroeconomic realities rather than fear and greed. We believe that the election outcome changes little […]

A2A with James Turk / By Turd Ferguson / August 6, 2015 Our recent run of extraordinary webinars continued today with this invaluable appearance by James Turk, founder of GoldMoney. If you can make the time, you will please be sure to give this recording a thorough listen. You won’t be disappointed. The call begins with a […]

Is This Gold’s Long-Awaited Killer App? / by John Rubino on June 8, 2015 Gold bugs around the world got a shock a few weeks ago when a tiny Canadian start-up called BitGold bought venerable GoldMoney, the second biggest (after BullionVault) precious metals storage firm. Now come the questions. Is this a case of a flashy tech company using its temporarily-inflated […]

Green shoots of a US recovery? / By Alasdair Macleod / November 11, 2012 There is growing hope in some quarters that economic recovery is at last under way in the USA. Is this just an election-inspired pick-up in sentiment, now rapidly vanishing, or do we take it more seriously; and if it really is recovery, what are the inflationary […]

Danielle Park and Alasdair Macleod on the future of the economy

Subscribe to our newsletter at Danielle Park, host of Juggling Dynamite, and the GoldMoney Foundation’s Alasdair Macleod discuss the current economic crisis, the financial sector and where they see the global economy heading. Park talks about government intervention in the economy and the impact this is having, and the growing public anger directed at […]

An Interview with James Turk, Co-Founder of

Casey Research / International Man/ / April 11, 2012 4:28pm GMT Today we have the great pleasure to introduce you to James Turk, a well-known investment guru, international investor, and co-founder of the increasingly popular In this interview, James will talk about: His past and the lessons of relevance to all those who want to live […]

China now the world’s largest gold jewellery market

GoldMoney Roman Baudzus 2012-FEB-17 According to the World Gold Council’s (WGC) latest analysis of the gold market, during 2011 Chinese jewellery demand increased significantly to 756.8 metric tons – a 20% increase in comparison with the previous year. Investment demand for gold in China increased by a record 69%. In Europe gold demand climbed for […]

World Gold Council data supports bullish case for gold

GoldMoney 2012-FEB-17 Yesterday the World Gold Council released its “Gold Demand Trends” for Q4 and full year 2011, billed as “the leading industry resource for data and opinion on world-wide gold demand.” Among the headline numbers, gold demand last year reached 4,067.1 tonnes – the highest level since 1997, with investment demand rising by 5% […]

Q&A with Gregor Macdonald (Part 1 of 2)

GoldMoney 2012-FEB-06 Gregor Macdonald believes the world has entered another historic energy transition. He has written on energy and economic issues for the Financial Times, The Oil Drum, and The Harvard Business Review. He has appeared on MSNBC in the United States, BNN in Toronto, and the Keiser Report out of Paris. He has worked […]