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0 open positions for COT?
I’ve never seen that since I began looking at the COT reporting. Ever.

2011-5-2 Dislocated Silver-2 markets exist

Silver market has now shown serious dislocation. Silver paper price drops more than $4 yet physical price to buy bulk orders of maples & bars did not go down, in fact, those prices went UP.
$52.53 usd (49.78 cdn) with 500 or more silver maples at – proportional move to aug 2007-2008 march move in silver, 163 weeks prior – ROC pattern shows as a 0.90 deviation-wide-channel on a straight line

2011-4-8 silver near 40

I can haz $40 / oz? 02:10 EST silver hit 40.04 USD / oz after the upload of this video finished

2011-3-30 silver rising

Spot price shown side by side, gold & silver, with new price model snap shot pics
Gold price model still unchanged – no errors have been detected.
Silver price model matched to most recent correlation. 2 main slopes exist for up-trending & down-trending of the gold+silver combined moves. The up-trending slope is used to set the margins based on gold price margins for every future date

2011-3-23 silver at 37 JPM shows signs of desperation

Silver hits 37 USD/oz – CAD$ 36.57 goes with 37.29 USD