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Wonder Who Was Buying Yesterday’s Market Breakout? Here’s The Answer

Wonder who was buying the euphoria blow-off top stock market breakout yesterday? One clear answer, according to Nicholas Colas of DataTrek Research, is answer is “Mom and Pop”. Nick looked at the publicly available trade data on Fidelity’s retail website and found net buy orders across both single stocks (mostly tech) and ETFs. And, no […]

David Stockman Derides The Delirious Dozen Of 2017

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, We have previously noted the massive market cap inflation and then stupendous collapse of the Delirious Dozen of 2000. The latter included Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Intel, GE, Yahoo, AIG and Juniper Networks – plus four others which didn't survive (Lucent, WorldCom, Global Crossing and Nortel). Together they represented a classic blow-off […]

Household Spending Growth Expectations Crash To Cycle Lows

Despite record high stock prices, soaring consumer sentiment measures, and the constant Fed-spun narrative that incomes will rise amid ‘full-employment’, the latest survey of Americans by The New York Fed signals hope is collapsing for a spending renaissance… Median household spending growth expectations tumbled from 3.29% in March to 2.58% in April, lowest level in […]

Verizon Revises Yahoo Deal After Data Breaches, Cuts Purchase Price By $350 Million

While Verizon has decided not to back away from its high profile purchase of Yahoo, after the internet portal reported two massive data breaches following the deal announcement, the WSJ reports that The companies have agreed to revise the $4.83 billion deal, cutting as much as $350 million off the price and evenly splitting costs […]

Jim Cramer is Out With His Latest Prescient Market Call

View archives at Trader Scott’s Market Blog:   James J. “Jim” Cramer, the noted stock market seer, is out with another market call. JJJC has become famous for his prescience and timing. He is truly the Nostradamus of our time. So when JJ makes one of his eagerly awaited stock market pronouncements, we must all […]

Peak Autos, Peak Oil, & Peak Nasdaq

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Are Auto Sales Really All That Strong? The media was especially excited yesterday regarding the release of the auto sales data. To wit: “US auto sales were higher than expected in September after automakers offered a record amount in incentives to buyers.   According to Autodata, sales reached a seasonally […]

Facebook, Twitter Under Pressure After Reports Of Ad Data Rigging, Stock Downgrade

Social media shares are not “liking” their stock price this morning, with both Facebook and Twitter under pressure, the former on a WSJ report that the company has been inflating the amount of time users spend watching video ads by 60-80%, the latter on an RCB downgrade to “underperform” with a $14 price target.   […]

What Hedge Funds Bought And Sold In Q2: The Full 13-F Summary

Today is the deadline for hedge funds to submit their Q2 13-F filings. Among the more notable changes was the previously reported 55% increase in Warren Buffett's Apple shares, offset by the cut in his Wal-Mart stake; Elliott's addition to stakes in security firms Qualys, Fortinet, CyberArk; ValueAct's new stakes in Morgan Stanley, Seagate; Tiger's […]

ZeroHedge: US Equity Markets Plunge As ‘FANG’ Stocks Give Up 2016 Gains

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. FANG stocks, led by Google, have tumbled by the most in two months today and given up any gains in 2016. This is weighing on the broad hope-strewn stock market as it erases all the post-Jo-Cox-death gains from yesterday… FANGs […]

ZeroHedge: Why Google Is Sliding

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Two weeks ago we found something disturbing for social media companies: according to a new study, social media usage around the globe had tumbled. This included not just Twitter, but also Instagram, Snapchart and surprisingly, Facebook. Specifically, Facebook’s Instagram saw […]