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Drain the Swamp, or Spread the Swamp? Lawmakers Pitch Relocating Agency Headquarters

Via The Daily Bell The U.S. government plans to spew occupying forces far and wide within the United States. Or… The U.S. government will distribute the income of the bureaucratic class across distressed regions of the country. Are they spreading the wealth, or spreading the swamp? The government’s definition of decentralizing is certainly not the same […]

How Nanotechnology Is Going to Bring About a Strange New Age of Warfare

Normally in warfare, bigger is better. Most militaries are always looking for something that’ll make a bigger impact. They want bigger warships, bigger tanks, and bigger explosions. Sometimes however, the littlest things can be the most dangerous. In fact, developments in nanotechnology may be about to usher in a new class of miniaturized weapons that […]